06 September 2010

A "Drag Me to Hell" Spoiler Alert

So this poor woman makes one mistake. And it's not even her fault, poor thing. A Gypsy woman asks for an extension on her loan, and our woman says No. Because of many reasons. Like, she wants a promotion to feel she's good enough for her boyfriend, and that Gypsy is really gross, putting her yellow rotten false teeth on the desk, and really, a bank is not a charity, you know?

So our woman says No, and before you know it, the Gypsy whispers some Gypsy shit and the demons are out to get the girl and drag her to hell, I guess. So they chase her around and beat her up, and they really make her look stupid in front of her boyfriend's mother, which is the worst!
"I think I need to go home now."

"Yes... I think that will be for the best."

Can you imagine a future in-law saying that?!

So anyway, this poor woman has a Gypsy curse on her hands, and her relationship is in trouble, and now the Gypsy's daughter is calling her Fat, like, where did that come from? So she goes home and starts to cry, and she sits on her couch and eats ice cream.

And here's my problem.

If you're being cursed by a Gypsy, offended by her daughter, and banished from your future in-laws', are you really going to opt for Turkey Hill?

Drag me to hell


SJ said...

So you were gyped by the producers?

People in the Sun said...

I just would have opted for a Haagen Dazs. These are Hell-dwelling demons, after all! Might as well live a little! You tell me Gypsies can communicate with demons, and I take it like it's a documentary, but don't do a product placement with Turkey Hill! I'm getting angry again!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I think I missed a movie? TV show? And also an ice cream. I never heard of that. Why would they name ice cream after a different kind of food?!?! Or an animal besides a cow?!?!?

I did want to grow up to be a gypsy when I was a little girl though (my other career aspirations were truck driver, cow girl, teacher, or beach bum - I got one of them at least). Does that qualify me to have an opinion on this post? :-) :-) :-)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Um, my MIL was Hungarian and apparently they are of Gypsie stock and NOW I KNOW WHY I AM CURSED!

And there is no damn way I am eating strawberry icecream, it will be CHOCOLATE CHUNK OR NOTHING!

People in the Sun said...

Jill, the only opinion you need is that I'm absolutely right! When you have a day and a half before demons drag you to hell, you spend the extra buck for a Haagen Dazs!

Kelley, my grandma is Transylvanian, which means she can curse by communicating with the underworld while being a vampire!

And thanks for understanding my point here! You're chased by demons--go for chocolate. Put some syrup on top. Even.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wait, wait, wait. I was going to say that of COURSE you're ALWAYS absolutely right. But then I noticed you accidentally substituted "Haagen Dazs" for "Ben and Jerry's". Either way though, ice cream named after a sandwich meat is probably not worth the calories.

bigpartygal said...

Turkey Hill ice cream is named after the hill the company sits on, and if you live in California like the lead character there is no way you are eating it anyway because they only distribute along the east coast. This is a movie mistake.

PeopleInTheSun said...

That's funny! I thought it was just some awful product placement, but it's even worse. Not that this is the only hole in that plot...

Anonymous said...

Just one tiny correction; the younger gypsy woman was Mrs Ganush's granddaughter (the one Christine mentioned was listed as a reference on her loan papers).

In addition, I think when a curse to hell is on your plate the LAST thing on your mind would be which brand of ice-cream is best. She just plucked any old brand from a freezer and it happened to be Turkey Hill. Opting to eat ice-cream when she was lactose intolerant was an expression of despair, at least that was my impression.

Good joke though :)

People in the Sun said...


But more to the point, I don't remember the exact details now, so about the daughter/granddaughter we're going to have to agree to disagree.

Just joking--I guess you got it right.

And was she lactose intolerant? I don't remember that either... You sure that wasn't in a deleted scene?

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