08 August 2010

The Days of Nothing

Getting my girl to eat her cereal is beautiful. There's nothing more relaxing and exhilarating at the same time than watching this tiny creature searching for the spoon. Nothing more rewarding than seeing her happy and full.

We just got a new TV. I'm going to try to connect the computer to the TV and then cancel cable.

We just got a new Prius. So we have two black Priuses. Priusi. What's worse, being a couple with two black Priuses or being a couple with one black Prius and one blue Prius?

And the boy is doing well. Potty trained and all. And he's really funny. We gave the maternity clothes to Goodwill because there was no way she was going to go through THAT again (and when I say THAT, I mean sex with her husband). But now that we see the first child wasn't a fluke, it's hard not to think we should have twelve more kids.

And still, I do sometimes miss the days of having nothing.


cooper said...

Sweet little babe. Looking quizzical.

SJ said...

Looking quizzical because she tried reading dad's crazy blog? Or it that crazy dad's blog? :)

And if you truly want to prepare for the Second Coming you would buy a Hummer.

CaraBee said...

We just got a Roku box. I HIGHLY recommend.

People in the Sun said...

Cooper, yea... Something didn't make sense there... That was her first time, actually. Fun.

SJ, that would only work if Jesus is stuck in a pothole.

Cara, Roku... Let's see... OK. That's interesting. I'm also looking at Boxee and Google TV. Or maybe get another small computer? There's a lot of stuff out there, and really no excuse to pay for Comcast anymore.

Blues said...

holy crap she is just so tiny and cute. Those little legs.

People in the Sun said...

She's like that all day. She's the most pleasant human being I've ever met.

LiteralDan said...

Giving away all the maternity clothes was the worst mistake you could make, if you don't plan to have more kids. Good luck with the coming nonuplets!

People in the Sun said...

At 35, my Honey has a good 10 years left for baby-making, which means 12 more kids (or 20 if we get the nonuplets).

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

So she gets until 45? I have to decide quickly then - turned 42 just Tuesday (as actually you may know since you posted me a birthday wish). Could you please post more reminders and stuff about how totally exhausting it all is for the next three years?

Also, how do you tell the cars apart? :-)

LOVE the hair in the baby/swing photo!!!!!

I have a lot to catch up on! Between starting school and doing the master's stuff I haven't had time for squat. But I'm taking a break as of midnight tonight! So I can catch up!!!!!!

People in the Sun said...

This picture is a month or two old, but she still has that hair. It's insane. But awesome too.

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