16 May 2010

In Which I Keep My Hatred For the Truly Hate-Worthy

And then I thought, I don't hate the guy because he's a Republican. I don't hate him at all. I do dislike him, though, because he pretends to know his place in the world.

When I say this blog is about "me being confused and all," I don't mean that in a bad way, see? Being confused is a natural way of life for me; the only thing that makes any sense.

I've always been attracted to the confused, those who thought the world was confusing enough to laugh at and laugh with. I didn't dislike the guy because he was a Republican, but because he pretended to know what he was talking about. He pretended to know what it was all about. He pretended to know what "it" was.

I'm not a perfect judge of character. Sometimes people I trust disappoint me, and sometimes people I dismiss amaze me, but there's one thing I do know for sure. People who feel like they know what's going on around them and portray themselves as comfortable, bore me at best. At worst, they make me dislike them at first sight.

I'm not saying Hate. Know-it-alls aren't evil. Just pretending shit makes sense doesn't make you evil. It just makes you boring.

But Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted is evil.

In 2006, he refused to allow an Autistic kid to have Communion, because he couldn't swallow the host.

And now he has excommunicated a nun who recommended an abortion for an 11-week pregnant woman who was expected to die without the abortion. He also excommunicated the patient, because he was on a roll.

And of course it happened in Arizona, a place where teaching African-American studies is now considered anti-American.

(Sorry, Sebastien, but Arizona sucks.)


cooper said...

All a bunch of posers....the whole church really...

SJ said...

See the protests for the ordaining of a lesbian bishop and the lack of protests for child sexual abuse coverup. People have weird priorities.

People in the Sun said...

Cooper, I mean, I'd love to think, "Excommunicate This!" but for the nun and for the family of the kid, this is a big deal, you know? This man ruins lives.

SJ, yep yep. Somehow they still think of themselves as a moral authority.

Ellie said...

You mean you don't like people who know God better than you?

*rolls eyes*

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

And you know what else sucks? Trying to tell yourself that this jackass will see his day in hell or what goes around comes around or he'll get his, just never makes it better. Because the lack of sooner punishment over later punishment only enables and prolongs the jackassery.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Deep breath...

I have my letter of defection ready, along with all the supporting documentation, which I will be sending off to 'my' bishop. Hopefully it will go without a hitch and I can finally be rid of the church.

My daughter will not be christened into that association which has shown nothing but disregard for the welfare of children.

You say 'This man ruins lives', actually, the organisation he works for has ruined thousands of them.

Documented systematic physical, sexual and mental abuse of children in care and educational institutions along with structural covering up of that abuse under their own 'laws', from the bottom to the very, very top.

No remorse, no willingness to bring about justice, just continued self preservation.

I hope that fucker, and all his pious peers dripping in gold will rot in a hell equivalent to the one they've inflicted on generations.

And breathe...

Lirun said...

isnt it all the same.. the conviction that we know not is just as absolute as the conviction of knowing.. hiding behind the lack of belief is the same as blindly subscribing to one.. at some point in time we have to accept that we dont know everything but we also need to have the courage to rely on the little we know and sometimes even purport to defend it in order to maintain some level of consistency in our lives..

i think know-it-all-izm and escapsim are similar..

personally - i think i am often guilty of both..

but i believe that boring isnt about knowing-it-all but rather about the lack of ability to consider that your assessment may be questionable.. or that your coverage may be lacking..

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I hope someone bitch slaps that guy. Hypocritical religious extremist.

People in the Sun said...

Ellie, that would be presumptuous of me to think I know more about anything than a sixty-year-old dress-wearing virgin.

Nanny, maybe somehow Hell exists for people who believe it exists?

Xbox, even though I'm sure there are a lot of people who do great things in the name of Catholicism and because of their beliefs, of course you're right about the current leadership and about the self-preservation and criminal butt-covering done by too many from small town priests to the Pope. Congratulations.

Lirun, I understand what you're saying. I didn't mean to say I was ignorant, but that for me to be confused meant to be open-minded, and that even if I do know some things for a fact, most things taken for granted by others, should remain open questions.

Florida Girl, he's been getting away with stuff like that for a while. His job is secure under this Pope, and the government will not pick a fight with the Catholic Church (even though he's been crossing the no-politics-in-church line many times).

Xbox4NappyRash said...

This is another thing I’m sick of hearing about, that these are in the minority, and that the majority are ‘good’ people, well where are they then? What are the good people within the church doing to ensure justice will be delivered to victims past, present and future?

I’m yet to hear one single parish priest speak out about how corrupt, insular, and self serving the church is, how it willfully neglects the welfare of, and in far too many cases endangers the welfare of children and the vulnerable in society.

It’s clear now that being a ‘good catholic’ and a ‘good person’ are in many areas mutually exclusive.

It’s not just the current leadership either, this behavior has been chronicled for decades, the church is so untouchable it has no issue with keeping a fantastic administration of its criminal acts.

The current leader of the Catholic church in Ireland forced two underage victims of sexual abuse to sign secrecy agreements during an investigation into the crimes of one priest, who was simply moved on to another area, and another, and another. He continued to sexually abuse both boys and girls for a further 18 years. One of his American victims went on to take her own life.

The current pope wrote a directive for the Vatican in 2001, stressing the importance of keeping such matters ‘in house’.

A decade ago the church struck a deal with the Irish government to limit their liability that would emerge from reports that were underway at the time. The very top hierarchy knew what was coming, and they took legal moves to preserve their riches. Incidentally, after the reports were published, the deal they struck with the government didn’t amount to 10% of the expected liability.

My skin crawls.

Not exactly where you were going with the post, but anyway....

A Free Man said...

Catholics are dicks. I don't understand how they even have a flock. Between all the molesting, excommunicating and general dickheadedness, you'd think they'd have lost all of their victims. That being said, by making birth control and abortion sins I guess they're constantly breeding more. So sick of these fucks.

People in the Sun said...

Xbox, I didn't mean Catholic priests, but Catholics in general, who have done good in accordance with their Catholic belief, and are probably as disgusted as any other normal person is about the current state of Catholic Church.

And about small-town priests, I guess when it comes to religion, you don't come out against your superiors, but you leave the church and sometimes start or join a different denomination.

Freeman, see, when it comes to the believers themselves, though, Catholics are usually the most normal ones, especially when compared to Evangelicals. I mean, Catholics have organ music, while Protestants have Christian Rock... They brought us Al Green as well, but there's nothing like organ music.

blues said...

I get so fucking sick of people here in Spain claiming to despise Catholicism and everything it has failed to do and then hide their tail between their legs and agree to be married in the church, baptize their kids, etc because of pressure and 'tradition'.

Spain is in a huge economic mess right now and owes shit tons of money to the rest of Europe, and the socialist party in power decides to lower the amount given to pensioners. At the same time, when you file your taxes, you have a handy little box available to check if you want your taxes to go directly to the Catholic church. It sickens me.

But I guess this is a little off topic.

And by the way, as much as I bitch about Spain, Arizona blows chunks big time. Why do I act like Arizona or Spain are the only two options. Whatdaya say I move to Dover?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Spot on Blues.

Same shit in Ireland, huge amounts of tutting and hand wringing about the two reports published in the past year, and still 92 fucking percent of primary schools in the country are under the patronage of the Catholic Church.

Those same schools are now also being asked to pay a stipend to the church for their patronage.

I can’t recall the year, I believe it was 2008, where there were 71,000 live births in Ireland, and over 68,000 of them were baptized into the catholic church.

I could ask everyone in Ireland 3 simple questions and I have no doubt I would determine that 80% of them are not practicing Catholics.

Nonsense from start to finish.

People in the Sun said...

I know what you two mean. It's one thing that the religious people in Israel worry about the Jewish identity of Israel, but it's another when people who never do anything remotely religious cling onto bullshit biblical mythology to justify the occupation of Palestinian lands.

Sebastien Millon said...

Hahaha, I'm so proud of Arizona and the fine laws and people we have here ; By the way, I was selling shirts at the saturday market and Joe Arpaio was there! I was thinking of getting my picture snapped with him and posting it but I don't want people thinking I actually support his stuff, it would've been as a joke. I also wanted to give him my oso del fuego tshirt.

Otherwise, I'm thinking we could reintroduce grizzly bears to phoenix (they used to be a native creature here) and we can let them eat up all the annoying crazies. I mean the bad crazies. We're all crazy, but some are crazy in a good way and some are crazy in a bad way. I consider myself the former...

Mama Zen said...

If there has ever been a sin, it is denying that boy Communion. That is sick.

People in the Sun said...

Sebastien, he can make you wear pink underwear just for writing this comment. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to be a hero to the Right? All you have to do is be a biggest ass then the next guy.

Mama Zen, I know. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Dude, are you people serious?

1) Catholics hold the bread becomes the actual body of Christ substantially (while retaining the accidents). So, being unable to receive without an excellent chance of spitting out his Body is not an unreasonable standard. Putting it on one's tongue is not consuming it, so the sacrament isn't validly received. This is not a symbol, you flaming idiots, the _act_ is important. Chances are, in a few years, with some work, he can be accommodated, but what had been happening was shameful until the Bishop, correctly, righted the situation.

2) He excommunicated a nun who has been a staunch protector of abortion in a situation where she herself makes millions of dollars (her personal salary was like 300k a year) for running some hospitals. Abortion is the unjust killing of a human being. It's murder, despite it being legal, and we don't have to put up with it in institutes that claim "Catholic", that Catholics funded and built precisely because there are no other institutions where the moral law is justly followed. She deserved it, this just happened to be the case that was reported. To affirm she is 'nun', while possibly factually true, is a radical stretching of the symbol.

People in the Sun said...

Nice one, Anonymous!

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