10 April 2010

The Transformation

For some reason, if you Google "Who's Cute," this post comes up first. Which means that if you write Who's Cute on your address bar, it automatically takes you to this post. Not sure how that happened, and it's probably very temporary anyway, but at least it's made me reread that post. A crazy post to reread, by the way.

Written days after my boy was born, it has all the fears of a new father. All the emotion.

 "And although the other day I experienced an incredible moment when he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at me intently like he knew (but will soon forget) his entire future, and although in this short moment I saw love and understanding and forgiveness for all of my future mistakes, that moment was soon over and he went back to doing what he's supposed to do--eat, poop, and sleep."

And I'm not being cynical about it, don't get me wrong. But things are different this time around. It's not necessarily bad, though. While a first child is a validation of our love and of our commitment and of us looking at each other and thinking that if a child gets the best of both of us, he might just turn out to be kind of cute, with the second child, it's not about us anymore.

And while the picture above shows the man who's turned into a father, the pictures below show a different transformation, as the couple moves back and realize we have turned into a family.


Jennifer said...

Congrats! And that last picture, in particular, is beyond ADORABLE!!!

People in the Sun said...

Jennifer, thanks!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

It's funny but as I was clicking over to the other post, I forgot there was a People in the Sun before there was a Liam.

The pictures are VERY adorable!

And the "scary monkey" (as I put it back then) reminded me how when my nephew was that age, my guy wanted to play a trick on my brother & sister in law by sneaking into the baby's bedroom and talking through the monitor as if he were the baby, all alone in his crib pondering the mysteries of life.

Realizing the danger, I said to him very slowly and earnestly and with much stress on both words the phrase, "Lori's vagina!" which is our code word for "Do what you want but you're about to get yourself in big, giant trouble. I'm very sure my sister in law will have to kill you if you wake up the baby."

You can get away with it, apparently, 'cause you're the dad. But I'm not sure a (potential at that time) uncle has that much leeway. :-)

SJ said...

JILL !!!

Not me man, I remember you for more than producing two very cute and adorable kids. Well some of the time.

Faiqa said...

We had our second seven months ago, and we discussed feeling the same way, the whole "wow, we're a family" thing. She is *beautiful*, many many congratulations to you, your wife and your son and may her life be filled with love and richness of all kinds.

Nothing but "Ficus" said...


Now, I haven't gotten anywhere remotely close to where you are yet - but I have wondered from time to time, how it would feel to be a father, or have a family of your own.

Reading your post gives me a glimpse of that feeling, and it is so heartwarming even to read. Congratulations on the new baby - and wish the best for you and your family.

People in the Sun said...

Jill, coincidentally, I used to play bass in "Lori's Vagina."

SJ, thank you. You'll vouch for me if anyone ever accuses me of never being cool.

Faiqa, thank you! And a very late Congratulations. It is crazy, though, isn't it? The whole Family thing. Because when this blog started I really didn't think about babies. It was something that was probably going to happen one day, but I didn't really think about it. And now I have a family.

Nothing but, thanks! It's not easy, but it's worth it.

metalmom said...

What a beautiful family you have now. Not that you didn't know what I mean.

Great pictures.Congratulations

Sarah said...

Wow, that post made me cry. Nice work :)...and congratulations.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

That last pic, that is what it is all about.

People in the Sun said...

Metalmom, thanks and thanks. And thanks!

Sarah, my work here is done!

Kelley, it's still going on now, two weeks later. He goes upstairs and climbs the bed, looking for her. I think he actually likes that "Baby Malelelen" business.

girlgriot said...

So it's true that I always think Liam is utterly adorable, but that last photo ... think I'm speechless.

People in the Sun said...

Girlgriot, thank you!

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