17 March 2010

A Story Of Hope

He's been taxed enough already!

So it's a nice day, and we're walking around the neighborhood, me and the boy, and suddenly he stops, points at an American flag on a store window, and says, "Obama." And I'm thinking, Man, ain't that something.

I mean, someone, at some point--maybe it was me, I don't remember--watched TV with the boy, and when Obama was giving a speech in front of a flag, that person said, "Obama," and now the boy thinks the flag is an Obama. But beyond that, this story is a reminder of--

And I know we're all disappointed about SOMETHING, and we all would have done much better jobs as Presidents, but there's something about a two-year-old boy pointing at an American flag and saying, "Obama," that brings back the hope we had felt before the election and the change we still long for.

The End.

But not really.

Because a minute later, we're crossing the road. Walking toward us are a black kid and his mom. My boy stops, points at the black kid, and says, "Obama."


Rol said...

Maybe he just likes the word. It does have a nice, childlike, singsong lilt.

Kristen said...

That's a cute story! But I do wish I understood what goes through a kid's mind at that age.

SJ said...

The polymorphic president who takes many forms. Sounds very sci-fi!

noThiNG but "fiCUs" said...

I would like to believe your boy made an association between seeing a black guy on tv and his position of power and hope - and stereotyped every black person with an awe of reverence.

That is a very new and somewhat wonderful way of looking at people who have always been stereotyped otherwise, specially when comes inconspicuously and without probing from a child.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww! I've always thought he should have just quit after getting elected. Even on the day he won I was like, "He won't be able to top this. He may as well quit while he's ahead." I guess he had to give it his best shot though.

LiteralDan said...

At least he's paying attention, right?

And at least the other kid has a good role model/"doppelganger"

Funny story

Helene said...

lmao... what a cute story...

Thinking perhaps Rol is right... it does just sorta roll off the tongue! lol though it also shows great intellect in that child for sure! =]

cooper said...

More than a cute story, and I hope that is the point.

Damn that kid has grown. I'm impressed at the progress...though I suspect that is what happens to kids I have no way of knowing that.

Mama Zen said...


People in the Sun said...

Rol, hey, I'll take that over him being a racist.

Kristen, it might be all about stereotypes at this age, no? Just like he points at a bald guy and thinks it's me, he points at a black kid and says Obama. I mean, I don't know. But maybe Nothing But Ficus is right.

SJ, after all, he is a Nazi and a Muslim and a Communist at the same time.

Nothing But "Ficus," hey, maybe you're right. And using stereotypes is not a bad thing unless you use it badly, after all. It's all about the intentions.

Jill, I do think his better days are ahead. Once he's realized there's no point in working with Republicans, he might actually do what he was elected to do.

LiteralDan, until he discovered Sprout and NickJr., he thought the only thing on TV was MSNBC. Now it's all about Wonder Pets.

Helene, I don't mind him being smart as long as he uses his powers for good. What if he grows up to become Karl Rove (but a cute version)?

Cooper, yea, they do that. It's funny, but I found an old post I wrote just after he was born, where I write that I can't imagine him as anything but a newborn. Now I can't even remember the days of just lying there, watching me.

And by the way, you like that Tea Party sign? The first one I've seen in Baltimore.

Mama Zen, hey, hi!

SJ said...

And all that while NOT being a nazi, a communist and a muslim. Impressive!

Woozie said...

Has he seen Osama on the news and called him Obama yet?

People in the Sun said...

SJ, he's a shape-shifting lizard from the future. For realz!

Woozie, of course, because they're both Muslins!

Sebastien Millon said...

Haha, that's hilarious! man, I would never want to be president, it's impossible, you have to compromise left and right and everyone is constantly angry with you or dissatisfied and there is always shit going awry. My weak self-esteem couldn't handle such criticism ;)

Sebastien Millon said...

ps I love the pic of your boy.

Uh, and I meant hilarious, but also kind of sad at the same time, ya know.

People in the Sun said...

Yes about being President, but you might end up on a mountain, which is a pretty impressive thing to have your face on, and probably gets you laid a lot. There should be a New-Face-on-Mount-Rushmore lottery, is what I'm saying.

Faiqa said...

My daughter (roughly the same age, I presume) did that with Taye Diggs (the actor) during the election (he was on TV, we don't, you know *hang out* with him, although, wow, that would be cool).

If I were Obama, I would have taken it as a compliment of the highest order.

People in the Sun said...

With all due respect to Diggs, that picture of Obama running shirtless on the beach is probably the main reason he's now President.

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