22 February 2010

In Which I Link to Another Post on Another Blog

At first, I wanted to write about my amazing new computer. This guy (or close enough):

My new Toshiba

Then, I thought I'd write something topical about the Olympics. Especially about the cute curling women.

I love a woman who can curl

I also thought maybe I should write about the doubles-luge, which is basically just like a singles-luge, only you put another tight-wearing dude lying down on top of the first guy. Maybe it's more difficult because it's harder to concentrate flying around while you're wearing tights and another dude is lying on top of you.

Gomorrah style

Then the CPAC happened, and I thought it would be fun to mention how they booed the guy who thanked the organizers for inviting GOPride to sponsor the event, and how they booed the guy who condemned the organizers for inviting GOPride, and how they booed the results of their own poll vote because Ron Paul won, and if we've learned anything from the violent Town Hall meetings, it's that Republicans think that the louder they boo, the more valid their points become.

The Party of Boo

And I thought that maybe I should write about how I still have so much to do here before What's-Her-Name comes, and how overwhelming it's getting now that we're getting into the "Any day" period. And thank God for these things, So Say We All:

One a day
But all of these posts will have to wait, or even disappear. Maybe they will be lost in time, like tears in the rain, for example. Because linking to this post is more important. Because although it doesn't prove there is a God or a bunch of Gods, it does prove that sometimes good things happen to good people.



James (SeattleDad) said...

Very well said. The internet is certainly a happier place today with the birth of that beautiful child.

SJ said...

Now those double luge guys won't have to worry about popping out a baby without really trying do they?

Dave said...

congratulations. Beautiful kid.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I'm a little bit confused (especially about the double luge thing), but it's Xbox4Nappy who is to be congratulated, right? Your baby is has yet to make an entrance?

People in the Sun said...

James, yes yes.

SJ, that's why the luge track is also called The Love Canal.

Dave, oh thanks. But she's not mine. My girl will be just as cute, though.

Jill, they say "Any day now." Which means it's a great time for us to embark on a major construction project. Hooray for planning!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Heh, it's weird seeing her pop up in other places.

Cheers man, we're delighted.

People in the Sun said...

Xbox, you're lucky she's cute!

JK said...

Congratulations...daughters are a whole different story.

Sebastien said...

Any day!!! how exciting!!!

I am a bit disturbed by the double luge thing. If I were more mature I wouldn't laugh when I saw the image of that sport.

People in the Sun said...

JK, thanks. But I don't get the congratulations yet. Soon.

Sebastien, yep yep. Almost there. I even bought a new camera! And as for the luge, I would have looked the other way if they weren't wearing these tights.

Ricardo said...

You're right. The curling women are cute.

People in the Sun said...

Women just look great sweeping the floor.

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