11 November 2009

In which the sex of the Game Changer is revealed

In which the sex of the Game Changer is revealed

But before that,

We lived in Silver Spring when the sniper was shooting people in gas stations. I remember putting gas in the car and looking around, wondering if the next one was going to be me or the guy pretending not to hunch down next to me. It reminded me of that movie, Little Murders (look it up, you know? Okay. Here's the trailer). But there was nothing funny about it. And as traumatic as it was, I can't feel good about the guy dying today. I can't feel too bad about it either.

Months of practice have finally paid off today: Baby told his mother he loved her.

I'm trying to take it easy. Trying to find reasons to be stressful, then kill them dead. Things have to change.

I shaved my beard. I do it every once in a while. I like to play games when I do that. First I turned it into a goatee. Then I kept on shaving and made it a douchy goatee (the shorter, straighter version), then I made it into a big bushy mustache. And then--am I alone there?--I turned it into a Hitler. Come on! Everyone Hitlerizes themselves when they shave, no?

Game Changer is a girl. Here's a secret: I was hoping it would be.


Ginny said...

Ooooooooh! Congrats! A girl is a game changer in the very best way. I feel ludicrously lucky to have experienced both a boy and a girl child, and I am happy you'll get to do it, too.

Dan said...

I always mess with my facial hair when shaving. And I've done a hitler 'tash at one point. I even took a photo of it, but not sure I have it to hand at the moment.

Eddy said...

Happy to hear you're getting what you hoped for. :)

Can we get pictures of your beard in various stages the next time around? lol

Haven't been here in ages. Going to get some reading in and catch up. :)

- Eddy

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Oooooh nice! Congratulations. A matching set.

I don't have the material to play with when I shave my 12 year old scraggs.

SJ said...


I always am clean shaven so no idea. Beards...yuck.

Kristen said...

Congrats on the baby girl on the way. You will have double the fun around your happy home. :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I wouldn't know about the whole shaving thing. I like hot wax better.

Congrats on the baby girl!!!! And if I happen to live through the years of having a teenage girl, I'll be pulling for you in about 14 years!

CaraBee said...

Girls are the best. Of course, that's a completely unbiased opinion.

People in the Sun said...

Ginny, thanks. I think it's good for them, too. I've always felt lucky to have a sister. I can't imagine having a brother. I mean, she tried to kill me a few times by throwing knives at me, but I had it coming.

Dan, oh yea, you had these pictures on your blog before. I don't remember if you had the Hitler one up there, though. Hey, it's not like I can fool around with my pony tail, you know?

Eddy, thank you. I did actually take some pictures with my cellphone a few months ago. But honestly, I don't know what people think when they see me now, but with a goatee I look like the biggest douche in the world. Those pictures are really disturbing. I mean, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. And I didn't take the Hitler photo last time. Maybe next time I'll take all the pictures and put them on the blog... I should. And thanks for coming back.

Xbox, you've never known the joy of seeing yourself Hitlerized? What a cruel world!

SJ, thanks. My beard makes people think I'm really smart! Because I stroke it when I pretend to think!

Kristen, thank you. It wasn't very happy today, I'll tell you that. Someone headbutted me for the second day in a row. I Probably had it coming again.

Jill, I don't care how much you complain, because I see your blog. You're having a good time with your teenage daughter and you can't deny it!

Cara, your daughter is a cutie. I just hope that when she grows older she'll rebel against her parents and become a Liberal.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

It's true, I love that gal as if she weren't even trying to send me to an early grave...

:-) :-) :-)

No seriously, good luck with that little bundle in about 14 years. It might help to stay married. *sigh*

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh! Congratulations! Is she here yet? Or is there a future due date?

People in the Sun said...

Jill, thank you thank you. I'm sure it's easy. Yes, the one I have already beats me up, but the next one will be nicer to me.

NGIP, we just found out the sex. She's due in March. She better be cute.

Sebastien said...

Game changer is a girl!!!! woohoo!

Hahaha, I do admit that I like to play around when I'm shaving down from a beard. I usually try funky 19th beards and sideburns. Wild west moustaches... never tried the hitler stache, but I have thought about it.

I've seriously thought about keeping a wild west moustache. Sooooooooo tempting. I want to walk around with it and call myself Wyatt Earp. Would give me a good reason to go buy a long old school colt revolver.

LiteralDan said...

Congratulations, I agree (speaking from experience, no less) it's best to have one of each. For the life experience, and the perspective on both sides of that classic coin as they get older.

I often experiment with my facial hair options when I shave. I only wish my hair would keep up the blistering pace it begins with in the first couple days, so I wouldn't have to spend months, yes months, looking like some kind of pervert or I don't know what. Not good.

And the pieces don't all connect in the end, so I never really come out on the other side. No Santa look for me in my golden years.

I believe the PC label for it is a Charlie Chaplin, by the way. Shhh!

And technically, when you're clean shaven, you're doing a Chairman Mao. For shame!

People in the Sun said...

Sebastien, a nice twirly Earp is always a good idea. The chicks will be lining up for miles.

Dan, try hormones! The extra boobage is a small price to pay for a nice beard!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I did a Hitler once.

Luckily it wasn't in a place that people could see.


Congrats on the little pink one!

ZenMom said...

Congratulations on the big reveal! March is a lovely month in which to be born (said the pisces). ;)

People in the Sun said...

Kelly, so that's were he's been hiding?

ZenMom, but wait! How about Aries?

A Free Man said...

Congrats on the girl spawn. I was not-so-secretly hoping for one as well. But I'm happy with what I got.

People in the Sun said...

Freeman, I would have been happy with a boy too. I think I preferred a girl mostly because I have a sister and I think it worked well for us. But I'm sure having two boys is just as good.

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