22 October 2009

I'm not afraid of CUTE

On the one hand, What's the point of putting up a picture of my baby hugging another kid? See, I wanted to make this blog about... well, everything I say may sounds presumptuous... But even when writing about myself, I never intended this blog to be about me. Makes sense?

When writing about my army days, I wanted to talk about the way soldiers don't really know what they're doing; about the way none of us do, even when we're given a large responsibility over life and death.

When I talked about my dogs, I wanted to show Pit Bulls in a positive light, because these dogs are not just pretty faces. These dogs will stick by you and give their lives if you just ask, no matter what, which is part of their tragic story.

When I talked about my time in London, what I really talked about was the way people move around the world only to discover that mirrors look the same everywhere.

When I talked about Honey, I tried to convey a sense of priorities I believe in, where love is the most important thing we'll experience in our lives. As for what happens after that--

When I talked about religion, I tried to connect with all other Atheists who struggle because they know How but will never now Why.

When I talked about politics, I wanted to show this word matters, and that we can't ignore politics simply because it's so convenient to do so. I wanted to talk about people who die for nothing in Iraq and in Palestine and in Israel. And I wanted to talk about people who live for nothing elsewhere.

When I talked about looking for a job and then about working in a jail, I wanted to talk about--

Well, I wanted to talk about myself, but also about them, and about you. This whole blog was meant to be about us, you know what I mean?

But then I go to the Science Museum with my friend from the Stay-At-Home-Dads group, the sexiest group in town, by the way, and our kids start hugging in each other, and there's no fucking way this stays out of the blog.

So, like I said, on the one hand, What's the point of putting up these pictures?

But on the other hand, some of you may have been here with me for a long time. You were here when I made the announcement. You were here when I couldn't wait. You were here when he was born. And you even stayed around when he got cuter. And now you're here, waiting with me for the Game Changer. And even though the posts that involve a cute baby doing cute stuff seem to say nothing about the human condition and about the tragedy/comedy of humanity, there's still something there.

There's no point to this post. A point would mean there's a greater truth to be found beyond these photos. But at least today, there is none. It's just a few photos, taken in a Science Museum, of two little kids, hugging.

I'm not afraid of CUTE
I'm not afraid of CUTE
I'm not afraid of CUTE
I'm not afraid of CUTE
I'm not afraid of CUTE
I'm not afraid of CUTE


A Free Man said...

That was the most elaborate prelude to cute kid pictures that I've ever seen. I'm a little bit jealous. Well done sir.

Sebastien said...

Excellent lead up! to a most wonderful set of pictures.

dude, I just noticed you posted a link of my tshirt, that is so sweet of you!!!!

I wonder if I can join the stay at home dads club. Wonder if I can bring my dog and call him my son. I'm a charismatic charlatan, just might be able to get away with it ;)

Dave said...

Something I'm learning as a writer, about great writing, is that it bears witness, and readers put in about 75% of the meaning. To hell with greater truth. If you moralize or have an agenda, you might write well, but you steal a little bit of your reader's freedom. You aren't stealing anybody's freedom.
I just watched the movie The Caller, it didn't steal my freedom either.
Great post.

thecheekofgod said...

That last picture is so worth it . . .

Great post!

SJ said...

Ewww babies they don't even taste that good.

Just kidding (pun intended (of course)).

You are on a roll aren't you with all these great posts in a row... what are you eating?

Shelli said...

I think that the point is that if we could all behave towards each other the way that these two children were in that moment in time, the world would be a much better place.

Lirun said...


Ellie said...

Agree with Free Man - beautiful introduction to cute. A little cute in life isn't too bad. I saw something pretty friggin' cute yesterday (A toothless little Japanese girl giving a hug to an adult dressed up in a squirrel outfit. Sounds stupid, but was mushy cute).

People in the Sun said...

Freeman, I can't just put kids pictures without the introduction, see? That kid WILL NOT hijack this blog, no matter how many dimples he has!

Sebastien, of course. Although it's a Baltimore thing. But you're welcome, if you're ever in the neighborhood, to either come with your dog or to stop on your way at one of our many "Rent-A-Child" centers.

Dave, you're right. If I'm honest with what I'm doing here, no matter how random it turns out, then people will connect, right? I'm doing my best... Thanks.

TheCheekOfGod, thank you. And thank God for inventing the camera. (Or maybe it was Einstein? Or Bell? Or that dude in the wheelchair?)

SJ, I've been getting much smarter since I started eating Baby Einstein DVDs.

Shelli, yep. Kids don't know what's supposed to look off, you know? I was in a store, and a little girl with some kind of problem with her face came in, and I was afraid that he was going to run away from her or laugh, but it was normal, you know? We all, parents and teachers and other adults, fail our children at some point by teaching them what's normal. We can't help ourselves.

Lirun, thank you!

Ellie, you sure you didn't dream that? Sounds like a David Lynch movie. Thanks!

SJ said...

Really? I tawt like you Israelians all ate like you know hummus lolz.

People in the Sun said...

I don't do the hummus actually. Maybe that's why Lirun calls me a self-hating Israeli.

Frosty said...

Point is? We all start off with hearts full of love. The point is, when and where does that change? And how do we get it back?

People in the Sun said...

And Frosty, how important it is for me to make sure he's a good boy who shares his stuff and says hi to strangers and waves at bus drivers, while I avoid eye contact with everyone I meet.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I can't believe I had so much to say about the whole working in jail post and I don't even remember writing any of it...

VERY cute pictures. Good thing they didn't steal the show or anything.

People in the Sun said...

Jill, remember when I had a heart and wrote emotional stuff? It's funny to look at old posts and see how much I've changed. And I guess you're saying you may have changed since then too? And I don't mind my boy stealing the show. I admit that a picture of these two is much better than anything I've ever written.

Lirun said...

obviously your heeding to lebanon's demands..

People in the Sun said...

Lirun, you mean with the hummus? I still reserve the right to eat it if I please. Israel would have been better off if people spread Nutella instead of hummus.

The Baltimore Chop said...

This is very well said. When you sign up to make a blog you should have to agree to this in the terms of service.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I dunno - I must have changed quite a bit. (although I only see a month on that old post & not a year). On the other hand, the link to "working in a jail" is still the one I'm drawn to click on, so how much could I have really changed?!?!? :-)

People in the Sun said...

TBC, you mean about making a point? You know, all blogs and all of the internet is a bunch of people screaming "Look at me!" but as long as people can take something out of it then that's fine. It's the people who publish stuff only for themselves that I don't get (because, secretly, they want to be famous bloggers. Like What's-her-name with the cute daughter and the balding husband. And Huffington.) Oh, and cool blog, by the way. I have a love-hate relationship with the city, but at least it makes me feel something, you know?

Jill, you mean you didn't click on ALL the links??? YOU'RE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELF, YOU KNOW!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah (hanging head in shame). And you know on the sleep in your clothes response above, I neglected to mention that lately I've been giving serious consideration to going back to school for a masters. Can you imagine? I'd have to not only sleep in my clothes but wear disposable clothing so I didn't have to do laundry either. Egads.

People in the Sun said...

Good luck, Jill. It's good to keep busy, you know? But don't work too hard.

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