15 October 2009

Caillou Makeover, Halo 3, and Teh Gay.

After those last two posts, one where I made a big announcement and one that talked about pools of blood, I think I'm allowed to relax here. It's Wednesday, after all.

If you go to this site, you can do a makeover! Here's Caillou:


Here's Caillou with a Kate Gosselin.

Gosselin hair

And a Katie Holmes.

Holmes hair


Rihanna hair


Here's a video I found. This guy called his Halo 3 character Jesus Died LOL, which is a proof that he's a retard Jew faggot (RJF for short?):

And another thing! Facebook quizzes. I understand if you're at work and you're waiting for the printer to finish getting your annual CGID/4B-B report out, so you spend a couple of minutes answering some questions on a Facebook quiz, but other than that, there's no excuse.

It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. It takes all kinds. Sometimes I forget that.

Honestly, I didn't even know there was a gay rights march. Whoever was supposed to tell me is fired. But here's a year-old photo of a man and a baby in a Baltimore gay rights protest, just so you know I'm indoctrinating my innocent baby into this absurd idea that everyone should be able to get married:

A bald man

You know what? As long as I'm stealing Kim's photos without permission, here's another one she took that day. This picture is better because it doesn't include some random bald fuck:

Gay Rights

And another thing!

Naa. That's enough for now. There will be more meaningful posts later, maybe they will include the thoughts of a man coming to terms with the Game Changer coming his way.

It's all good.


David Bryant said...

I just wanted to find out how to join the RJF. Do you have to be Jewish or Gay? The R is really a judgement call. Academics, I mean real ones, wouldn't hesitate to classify my as retarded. In Halo I'm a serious contender for a Nobel Prize for social and analytical skills. I'll take what I can get, I just need a team man.
You know, if you hadn't posted this, and I hadn't happened to read it, I never would have seen this video. It would have dropped into the abyss. It must mean something.

SJ said...

Yeah I want to be a RJF too. Retard Atheist Faggot - RAF.

Heather said...

Smile, we support guy rights with our six year old.

People in the Sun said...

David, it's very easy to join the ranks of the RJF. All you have to do is think the hypocrisy of playing a game where you kill fake people while calling real people bad names and while being offended because of someone who supposedly died 2000 years ago is funny. If you think it's funny, then you're a member. Congratulations! Now, to be fair, I've never played Halo. From my understanding, you shoot your way to glory. Unless there's a big lake where you can rest and read poetry. Maybe they have that planned for Halo 4.

SJ, it's not for me to give or take this membership. If you accept RAF into your heart, you are a member.

Heather, I don't know what my boy will think when he looks back as an adult, but at least he'll be able to say that his first protest was against Proposition 8. I hope he'll be proud of that.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I took my goddaughter to the Gay Pride Parade and got her tongue pierced when she was the exact same age as my gal is now. Why can't I seem to manage to be as fun with my own gal?!?! I don't even think she's ever BEEN to a Gay Pride Parade or the protests! But at least she went to one of the first gay marriages (or civil unions I guess maybe it was?) when they were legalized in Vermont. I think my boy was too young to remember it, but my gal remembers it just fine.

People in the Sun said...

It's great for teens to experience anti-hate protests. It really gives power to the idea that the world belongs to the next generation and that a person is not alone hoping for a better world.

Sebastien said...

When you took part in the march, you did commit a random act of arson right? How's your boy supposed to learn if you don't set examples early on. Destroying public property is first of all extremely fun and you can find the excuse that you did it because you are 'against the man.' Frankly, I'm not so into being against the man, I'm more of a destroy public property just for the plain fun of it kind of guy.

People in the Sun said...

Sebastien! You've been spending too much time with your bears! Stuff like that, which is totally fine when preformed by bears in a contained and supervised environment, is absolutely unacceptable in the real world!

Sebastien said...

Interesting. I think drawing arsonist bears and kids and watching Dexter is twisting my moral code. I'm going to watch the family channel. That should help put me back on track.

People in the Sun said...

Sebastien, you don't need to go that far. Just make sure that when you watch Dexter with your arsonist bears, tell them it's only a work of fiction.

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