06 September 2009

Howard Kurtz is our Perv Monster of the Week

Howard Kurtz Twitter

Look at what I found on Teh Twitter.

This is CNN's Howard Kurtz's Twitter page. He follows 81 people (click the image to get a better look), which is a relatively low number, considering the millions of accounts there. So who are the 81 people the ombudsman of the news media follows? My first guess would be Pulitzer winning journalists. Maybe a few anchors? Maybe even a few independent or online media people, like writers for The Huffington Post. And maybe, just to round things up, a few celebrities with strong political opinions, like Alec Baldwin or the dead Ron Silver.

But Howard Kurtz is a perv monster, so on the top left of the few people whose tweets he follows is Megan Fox. Which guarantees the prestigious PMOW Award goes to Mr. Kurtz. Congratulations!

Howard Kurtz is a perv monster

Megan Fox


thecheekofgod said...

I would follow Megan Fox just about anywhere . . .

LiteralDan said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to give him a pass on this one. It's Megan Fox, after all.

Who knows, maybe one day she'll Tweet that the first person to approach her on the street and do the secret handshake she describes will get one night with her. That could provide him very valuable lead time.

So who'd be the daydreaming perv THEN, huh?

Ellie said...

Oh, dear. Doesn't he realise he's got an image to hold up. The dangers of twitter.

Sebastien said...

I'm amazed at how many people with public personas are tweeting. You'd think they'd want less attention, not more. I did follow Shaq for a little while, he is a fun character.

SJ said...

You Megan Fox never won a Pulitzer prize for undressing or acting or something?

People in the Sun said...

Cheekofgod, maybe that was a bad example. Still... isn't she fifteen or something? Man... I just clicked on her small picture to see a bigger version and it brought me back to the homepage. I Rickrolled myself. I'm no better than Howard Kurtz!


Ellie, see, I understand if you follow thousands of people and all of a sudden you say, "Hey, that's that actress from whatever. I'll follow her." But her tweets-thingies are private (yes, I went there), which means that for her to be on his profile he had to request to be able to see her page. Which moves the perviness level up a bit.

Sebastien, Rainn Wilson is much funnier than I imagined. And Kevin Smith does Q&A marathons. And of course, my girlfriend is there.

SJ, but she's won something more important--our hearts.

Beachdiary said...

who's howard kurtz?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I don't even know who either of these people are. But of course, if you say he's a perv monster than I trust your judgment. :-)

People in the Sun said...

Well, Howard Kurtz is... Well... Let's say you have a news channel that calls itself "The Most Trusted Name In News" because it sounds good, and on that channel you have a guy who believes in his objectivity to the point where he sees himself as the most trusted man in the most trusted news channel, and his job is to look at the way news is being covered and offer his opinion. And then he gets a Twitter page and signs up to get random updates from the babe-of-the-month. See? He's a Perv.

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