20 August 2009



So a while ago I started a blog, partly because I saw other people doing it and I didn't want to become the guy who said, "You and your meshuga internetz," and, "In my day..."

There's been a lot of foolishness, don't get me wrong. Some of it I fell for, and some I knew would fall. I was able to look back at some silly start-ups and say, "Did you really think this was a good idea?"

Like this thing were you follow people and you write posts of 140 characters or less. I mean, what kind of random shit is that?

And Rick Sanchez from CNN liked it, which proved it was silly. And then Jon Stewart made fun of it, which was everything I needed to know.

So anyway, I'm thinking of signing up.

And the same for that other thing were I get to become friends with people I avoid in normal life, and then de-friend them when they write something offensive (because doing that would make me feel good about myself).

Because how else would I be the first to know what Sarah Palin thinks about without the filter of the Gotcha Media? How else would I easily add my name to the Boycott Whole Foods list?

I mean, I already climbed the bandwagon when I started this blog, so joining these other things simply means I'm staying on the wagon. Or something like that. My metaphors confuse me. Like tears in the rain.

So tell me, internets, do I sign up as me me, or as People in the Sun? Or should I have two accounts on each? What a pain... Really, my life is already complicated enough without these things.

And also, as long as I got the nerds' attention, we finally finished Battlestar Galactica, and I don't want Honey to think I'm ignorant. So just in case, what happened to Starbuck in the end?


Frosty said...

Sign up as People In The Sun. For sure. And if you update regularly? You're a better man than me. I can't manage it.

SJ said...

1. Join as the real you.
2. Stay on the wagon I am on it!
3. Starbuck who?

Dave J. said...

I got off the band wagon, and stayed off for almost a year. But lo' and behold, I go climbing back on. Was calling to me.

Just be yourself. Anything else and it feels like work, then you burn out. Also, blog popularity sucks the life out of you. Be hopeful you DO offend people, so they don't come back.

Me, you'll never get rid of. Once I started reading blogs again, yours was on my top 10 list to check in on.

Kristen said...

Well if you do sign up for Twitter, don't forget to add me. And also Karl Rove. I got really creeped out when he returned the follow. And then immediately after that, some other wingnuts started following me. On second thought, don't add Karl Rove. And probably don't use your real name.

Tom Harper said...

This is mostly unrelated to your post, but is the word "meshuga" a common word? There's a kickass Swedish rock group with that name (slightly different spelling). I read that they took their name from the Hebrew word for "crazy," but this is the first time I've actually seen the word in a sentence.

CaraBee said...

Sign up as People in the Sun.

Starbuck was a ghost. She finished the job she needed to do (bring them to the new earth) and then she went back to the ether.

cooper said...

I use it sparingly. I don't tend to twitter from my blackberry, I have one for only my family and it's private one for should be famous and one for me I use my initials. I signed up a year before I even started using it. I don't use it much but I am trying.

People in the Sun said...

Frosty, you mean on Twitter? Yea. I think that's the easy one. No one needs to know my name there (and anyway, my full name is over 140 characters long). But what about Facey Face? Should I have two accounts there? Or just the real name? Or just PITS?

SJ, 1. you mean on Facebook? 2. All the cool kids are on the wagon. 3. Oh, she's only the person who found the way from Caprica to Earth! What do they teach you in history class there?

Dave, thanks. Good to see you here. I'm still blogging, but I'm just thinking of doing the social thingy too, and I'm not sure how to go about it...

Kristen, "I got a phone call early this morning. Somebody wanted to know if my cat was lost. I don't have a cat." See? Now I have to have an account and follow you.

Tom, I think it's one of those Yiddish words people seem to know here for some reason. It does mean crazy. And I heard of the band. I think I even heard a couple of their songs. Didn't know they were Swedish. In the Police Academy movies (and in the Police Squad series) they had a recurring joke, where someone would tell Leslie Nielsen, "You know what you are? You're meshuga!" And he would answer, "I'm not your sugar!"

Cara, wait. You mean on Twitter or Facebook or both? And the Starbuck thing doesn't compute for me. She crashed and died on Earth, and then she comes back as an unaware ghost to lead the fleet to New Earth because her dad played "All Along the Watchtower"? The only other characters that could be kinda ghosty are the two at the end, but they're aware of what they are. They don't just disappear when their job is done (especially as their job will never be done). Know what I mean?

Cooper, so you have three Twitter accounts? Okay, now I know I can have more than one. I'll probably start with a PITS one, though, and then get more if I like it. But what about Facebook? Should I not include the blog there at all?

Dan said...

On facebook sign up as you. Twitter as PITS.

And you're a better (?) man than me if you can keep up with both of them.

David said...
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Dave J. said...

Once every other day is a decent amount. Tid bits of wisdom. Pseudo-profound stuff, bright ideas, random conjectures. It's the "Just brushed my teeth, mmm, love this toothpaste" crap that has me "de-friending."

Agree with others, sign up as you on facebook (if you can) and Twitter as whatever. I use Dave_J... but that's me, I'm not looking for anonymity. Just started feeding my blog posts to my FB... no opinion yet.

People in the Sun said...

Dan, oh, I'm planning on being the new Tila Tequila. And I'm signing up to Facebook right now. That's it. A giant leap for mankind.

David, I mean Dave, first of all, welcome back to blogging. But I have a question. I see people have their blogs on Facebook. But if I'm there as the real name and this blog is still anonymous and whatever (you can't trust anyone when your President is a Muslim Nazi Domestic Terrorist Pal from Kenya), then if I want this blog to be on Facebook I need another account? Do people do that?

Maybe before I sign up to Twitter I should have a post here--a dry run where I write about my daily activity.

My shirt is wet now from running in the rain, and I'm being too lazy and nasty to go upstairs and change.

Did I go over 140 characters?

People in the Sun said...

Hey Cara, how did that happen? I'm signing up as me me, and Facebook just said you were someone I may know.

Dave J. said...

Ugh, damn this having multiple gmail accounts. Makes it difficult to maintain separation between business and pleasure when it auto-logs you into comments using whichever you last logged into.

There's a lesson to be learned here. You will have problems differentiating public personas if you try to use Google to do it.

Signed David, "Dave"

People in the Sun said...

Dave, I have 4 Gmails (but I really use only one) and 2 Yahoos (which I never use), so I understand. Wait, is this blog business or pleasure?

So I signed up. But what do I do now? I see stuff on my wall, whatever that means. And why is the font so small? And what's the definition of friends, anyway? I mean, in general. And why do I have farm animals on my page?

In fact, I'm going to write all that on my page. It will be my Status Update!

See? I'm a fast learner.

markstoneman said...

I've been thinking about switching to multiple identities, because it's been getting confusing. I have people from the blogosphere with whom I chat. (Many of them are from BlogCatalog, but in a saner environment with the ability to ignore the hyenas.) I also have people at George Mason University who only tweet Mason or History. And so on.

By the way, my username there is the same one I'm using here.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Even though ultimately I think I knew what you were talking about, this was I think the first post of yours where I've actually felt confused for a few moments...

I don't have any advice on the twitter. I signed up ages and ages ago in internet years (in fact, it was probably last year), but I never use it and don't think I follow anyone. Or if I'm following, I haven't realized it yet.

Luckily I got to the meshuga question in the comments and I was all, "Finally I have something to add!" Because my cat's name is Sugar, and that lends itself very well to being actually called by his main character trait.

Except, guess what? I do have facebook! So I think you're talking about that too! (the avoiding people in real life part was so funny!)

Facebook has been WAY more complicated than I ever knew. Yes I reconnected with the guy who had the locker next to mine for six years, (middle school & high school, except technically middle school was a cubby) but now I'm all scared that parents from my school are going to reconnect with me in a way that might make me look unprofessional. So, I dunno... Facebook is fun bec. it's easy to stalk my daughter, but I'm not too sure I'd recommend it otherwise.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wow. I almost wrote you a post. Sorry for taking up more than my fair share of the comments. And all for a post I wasn't sure I actually understood when I originally read it!

People in the Sun said...

Mark, found you found you. And I took a walk around the block, and when I came back BC Discussion area was filled with insane threads about nothing. I can deal with the pathetic racists in the Politics area, but the "If you were a dog, what dog would you be?" threads are too much for me.

Jill, so let me ask you something else (and feel free to answer in three paragraphs or more). I just signed up for Facebook as my real name, and after they asked me for email information, I saw a lot of people I only knew from blogging. Is it weird if I start adding people? Will it take away from the magic of anonymity? I wonder. I haven't done it yet, but really, I consider people here my friends, so why shouldn't they be my Facebook friends, right? Or not right?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I wish I knew - it's so strange. So far I only have two facebook friends that are blogging friends. And it's different in that I now have a high school girl to think about. Because basically my facebook friends have fairly easy access to her. And I imagine that she's not minding all my facebook safety instructions 100% of the time.

I met one of my best friends (and this was 12 years ago when that kind of thing was practically unheard of!) and also my guy over the internet. But because of my daughter in particular, I'd feel sort of weird about having a bunch of facebook friends that I've never met. Like, I wouldn't feel at all uncomfortable about you, because I've been reading your blog for a good couple/few years. But drawing the line on facebook can be really hard.

My ex father in law, for example, requested to be my friend and as much as I admire that he's showing me no hard feelings and all, I just feel like that would be a little out of bounds. Or maybe a lot out of bounds. I don't know. *sigh*

People in the Sun said...

Jill, this technology business really complicates our lives, doesn't it? But you've met your guy on the internet, so we know it's good. I think I'm going to slowly harass people here. We'll see where it goes.

Blues said...

I have the same twitter problem. I don't know who my avatar should be, me or me. I don't know if I can handle twitter. I'm inches away from deleting my facebook account and starting over, so as not to delete people from my account. So I just do what I do best. Nothing.

People in the Sun said...

Blues, so I saw you there on teh Facebook after putting my email address because you emailed me once or I emailed you once or we both emailed at the same time, and then I thought I'd add you, but then I thought Would it be weird? So I didn't. But I can! If I want to! But is it weird? I'll do it anyway.

Sebastien said...

I'm so glad you signed up! so much easier to stalk you now ;)

Initially I was skeptical of twitter, except one of my good friends whom I trust in all things was telling me good things about it.

Twitter has been growing on me. Not a pretty site.

People in the Sun said...

I think Twitter is great for political discussion (strange that something as complex as politics is the thing that makes the most sense on something as simple as Twitter).

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