02 December 2008

A post before my baby's birthday post

I don't have anything planned as a birthday post, which makes me panic. Maybe I can just put that video of him dancing to Otis Redding? Oh, might as well put it here:

So now I don't have anything for the birthday post.

I can be all emotional about it and talk about seeing him for the first time, and how the nurse told me it was okay to touch him, but I'd never touched a baby before, so I took it literally and just gently touched him with my finger while taking this photo with the other hand.

And I can talk about how horrible I felt when the nurse took him to get washed, and for a while I just stood there, watching the wrong baby, even though I can see in that two-minutes-old picture the same features I see in the one-year-old. He's less blue now.

I can talk about that whole obsession with milestones we all experience. Praise Allah, he finally has some teeth coming, and he drinks from the cup, and he says some words we pretend to understand. He has less than a week to learn to walk, though. He can't be so far behind Baby Z!

Or I could just put a little picture of the both of us, like this one:

baby and daddy

I don't know. I have a few days to come up with something.

And meanwhile, here's a cute little thing I got from Bluestreak.

Now, I know everyone will end up with one of these one day, but it still feels good to get it, especially from this talented writer. And then I pass it over to other bloggers and it gets a little scary. So, if I put your name below, just know that I love your blog. It doesn't mean I want you to write a post about it, it doesn't mean I want you to pass it to someone else, and it doesn't mean you need to acknowledge it in any way. It just means I love your blog. And another thing. If you feel uncomfortable with this pink heart and smiley faces, feel free to use this more masculine version:

FabioSo without further, here are some blogs I love (although I love all blogs on the sidebar, really):

Aimeepalooza. Her writing makes me feel, you know?
Woozie. He takes youthful confusion to new levels, and he had provided me with a safe place to use bad words before I felt I could do it here, for which I'll be eternally grateful (but not grateful enough to meet him in the bus station in the middle of the night).
Craig. Let that be a lesson to us all. If you write regularly, and if you put creative effort into every post, people will come.

Oh man, there are so many!

A Free Man writes from the heart! He's the real thing! And Miss Britt is an incredible writer. And Xbox's posts make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. And Wishful is so nice and funny and talented. And Jill has been through so much lately but she still stays happy and full of life, and she makes sure it comes out in every sentence because why shouldn't we be happy, too?

Fuck it. You all get the award! Congratulations!


Dusty said...

Liam...and you..both are treasures. ;)

Bluestreak said...

I love the picture of you touching your baby for the first time. I can just imagine it.

By the way, your masculine version of the award is hilarious.

LiteralDan said...

Happy early birthday to the baby-o, and I'm with you on the unfamiliarity with babies before having one.

It's like all other babies in the world are trying their hardest to act just like my son, and no one knew what to do before he showed them how a baby acts.

Thank god for that, huh? Except for all the crying... sorry about that.

As for the award, you definitely need to push that masculine version out there as hard as you can. Alas, it's too late for me :-(

Enemy of the Republic said...

I want the masculine award! According to Freud, I suffer from penis envy.

Happy Birthday, baby. I remember when our son had his first--we threw a huge bash. I even have a book solely devoted to his first year of life.

Kori said...

I ALSO want the masculine award, even though I already have the other one on my blog that someone else gave me; can I just, you know, switch? Happy birthday to baby soon....

People in the Sun said...

Dusty, thanks. I just appear harmless because I stand next to him.

Bluestreak, what can I say? Dude loves my blog.

Dan, hey, you can still push it for me! We make our own rules here. Consider yourself Fabio-worthy.

Enemy, you got it, you got it. (the award, not the penis, I'm afraid).

Kori, it's yous. I love your blog. And Fabio loves your blog. I'm always, like, "Okay, Fabio, enough about the blog! What's for dinner?"

Heating and Cooling said...

What a precious baby!!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I love the idea of you taking the nurse literally and poking him.

Dude... I'm quite blubby lately, but as you are an intellectual and you still read my blog, that makes me very pleased with myself.

People in the Sun said...

H&C, thanks!

Xbox, your blog is one of the best things on the internet. Now you know.

Aimeepalooza said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!
And thanks. I love your blog too!

A Free Man said...

OK, I have to admit that when I watched that video I was resentful. I've been trying for months to get the boy to dance and he just doesn't get it. I was even looking for evidence that you had cheated somehow. Performance enhancing substances or something.

But then you said nice things about me and the boy. SO I have a deal for you. If your boy teaches my boy to dance, my boy will teach yours to walk.

SJ said...

Oh well I at least get something in the last line.

Happy pre-birthday to Liam. Quite the dancer he seems to be.

SJ said...

... and that masculine version is a bit wussy.

cooper said...

Wow, A birthday already.

Happy birthday to the little one, and may be always be so happy.

People in the Sun said...

Aimee, thanks. And you're welcome. And cool.

Freeman, I tell you how I cheated: I danced in front of him in a really cool way, and he just had to imitate me. The headbanging+footstomping is my signature move. Maybe I should learn to walk in a cool way?

SJ, Damn. I'll give you a whole post, just for you! (after the baby's birthday one).

And Fabio is not masculine? His long hair blowing in the gentle wind... His rugged arms holding your shoulders, telling you everything will be okay... His smile, full of forbidden promises... Looking at you, and only you... What's not masculine about that?

Cooper, I know. It's crazy. I don't remember anything from this last year (good thing I have a blog). And thanks.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

As usual, I read your post without time to comment & will have to come back for a real comment (although thank you on the award!!!!)

But before I leave for work I just wanted to tell A Free Man - I had one baby that couldn't get enough dancing and one baby that more or less refused. Sounds like you need another baby! :-) :-) :-)

Craig said...

Cutest video ever! Nothing warms the heart quite like a dancing baby. Unless it's that damn CGI dancing baby from the 1990's that was made popular by Ally McBeal. That was just awful.

And thanks for the award! I'm honored!

Ophelia Mourne said...

Aww's Happy Birthday Liam ♥

Angelika said...

I don't think I'd ever held a newborn baby either, the first time I held my son.

My $.02: Don't compare your child to other children. Even your own other children. It just makes you crazy.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Ok now let's see if I remember what my real comment was going to be except I seem to end up reading your posts right before I leave the house on Fridays and I didn't have time to reply. And now I need to leave to teach Sunday school in a couple minutes so I still might forget...

First off - SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one CUTE dancing baby!!!!!!! I wish I had video of Cassie dancing.

Second, birthday post?!?!?!? You mean I've been leaning on my shovel the past thirteen years?!?!?!? Or at least the three (?) I've been blogging????? Oops. Well, my boy's birthday is coming up in a few days here, maybe I can make up for lost time...

Thanks again on the award! You description is almost perfect - you know it's not really the kind of thing where you can go "Hey Mom! Guess what?!?!" And everyone will end up with one eventually. But it's still so nice to be thought of. :-)

Jason said...

Enjoy one year old. It's exciting to watch them discover the world and really start interacting with it, without the attitude that comes with being two.

People in the Sun said...

Jill, that's not a real comment?

Craig, thank you (and thanks for the email). He has another move--the leaning on the side rail and lifting his butt up. His mother let's him watch MTV, the poor thing.

Ophelia, thank you thank you.

Angelika, be careful with your money--we're in a recession. And of course you're right, but I can't help myself. I know my life will get harder when he starts walking, just like it did when he started climbing up stairs and crawling, but I just need him to do that, you know?

Jill, oh, that's what I call a real comment!

First, for a while I felt bad because I didn't do anything with the baby book. But really, this blog is pretty much it, right?

Second, it's just the first year mark. He'll be lucky if I even remember his second birthday. (and happy birthday to your boy).

Jason, he doesn't scare me. I'm smarter than him. And I was a boyscout for a year. But maybe I should stop reading him The Art of War, just in case.

Jason said...

That's how he gets you! You think there's nothing to be scared of and then...

Anonymous said...

cute blog.

-sarip lantud

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