08 June 2008

Things to do when I come back

Liam and Buddy
This post is brought to you by the power of post-scheduling. Although this post was written on June 1st in sunny Baltimore, I can safely assume that now, June 8th, we've made it to Israel, the land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, Muhammad, and many others. I can safely assume we're having a good time, even thought I probably already got sun-burnt and Honey probably told me I promised to put sun-screen on and what was I thinking and I'm an idiot.

Everyone loves Liam, I assume. He's cute and he loves a good joke.

We're probably very busy right now visiting grandmas and great-grandmas and friends, or maybe we're stuck in the desert with bad tires. Damn mutants.

But this vacation will end soon, and when I come back, there are a few things I need to do:

Start cooking

It's time. Every once in a while I get into it, and for a while last year I was making this incredible bruschetta, but then I stopped, which is a shame. It'll be fun. We'll sit in the kitchen with the dogs, and we'll sing songs, and we'll make food. Good stuff.

Seriously look for work

But seriously. There was one thing, but it didn't last. Then there was the prospect of doing translations, and it still might work, but I'm still waiting for the project to be finished, which could be months from now. I really should use less commas when I write.

Put some ads

What can I say... I can't find a reason not to do it, and even if it doesn't make me rich, at least it's something new to obsess about. It won't be the evil Pay Per Post, and it won't be one of those offensive "Your ad here, $0.02"

You know, tell me if you think it's a bad idea.

Put some shelves, hang some pictures

We've been in this house for five years. Maybe it's time we lost that just-moved-in mentality.

Submit my book to agents

I can't wait anymore (even though it's still too short). I gave the book to a few people, who now ignore me (including Honey). Either they can't bare to tell me how horrible it is, or they're embarrassed because the book is so suspenseful that they peed their pants. Is suspenseful a word? I don't like it.

Shag Honey

Honey, aren't you happy you told your parents about this blog now?

Put photos from Israel in the next post

It'll be beautiful: Mountains, dead seas, grandmas, sunburns, stray cats, Liam eating Stage 2 food. And who knows what else? Damn, I hope we made it alright, or this post will be ironic and stupid.


ajooja said...

I hope the real you is having a great time.

Shelli said...

Make more babies while you're shagging Honey?

I want to go to Israel. Take me with on your next trip?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I didn't know you weren't working or maybe you are and want a better job. Understood.

What a gorgeous child!

Red Flashlight said...

Commas are evil. Like Eve's apple they beckon, they beguile, and they lead to expulsion from paradise. I hate the little buggers.

Kristi said...

I'm with you on the unpublished book thing. These days I'm all about 'what now?' Good luck to you with it. And give me some tips if you get someone important to look at it...

SJ said...

This post "Is" for "Rael". Am I not clever?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Hope you ARE having a good time and sorry we missed you so narrowly. :-( :-( And what a good idea on that scheduled post thing. HEY! Maybe I can just repost yours on my blog...

Woozie said...

Ads? Are you for real real, or for play play?

I wouldn't; seems like a waste of time. I know I never click on people's ads.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I feel strangely proud you said 'shag'.

Aimeepalooza said...

Have a great trip! I like the word shag too. Plus, pretty sure Honey's parents know you've been shagging...the whole having a baby thing is a dead give away.

'cita said...

You will be safe and return in good health.....

People in the Sun said...

Ajooja, thanks. It was great.

Shelli, why not (on both questions).

Enemy, thanks. I quit after he was born. I had a job, while Honey has what you might call a career. It was a no-brainer, kinda.

Red, in a way, they're even more evil than semi-commas, because people expect you to abuse semi-commas, but commas are supposed to be easy for English Majors. I think there were a few extra commas in those last few sentences. Damn.

Kristi, good luck. And I will. I'm getting ready to establish a more serious routine. It's scary, this whole taking-control-over-your-life business.

SJ, good word games make me happy.

Jill, that could have been cool. Anyway, I hope you're having a great time there. Wear sun screen!

Woozie, you're right. I've never clicked on anything either. (and look at your blog going pro all of a sudden, with a domain name and everything. Congratulations).

Xbox, thank you. You will all be in my thoughts when it finally happens.

Aimee, oh yea... that guy... blew my cover. Sorry, Honey's parents.

'Cita, why, thank you. And you were right in your predictions, too. Good to be back.

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