17 June 2008

Baby Got Back

And although most of the 400+ photos are of Liam eating biscuits, there are a few others:

Like Liam with his mommy:
And Liam with his daddy:
Liam with Grandpa:
Liam with Grandma:
Liam with Great-Grandma, from his grandmother's side:
Liam with Great-Grandma, from his grandfather's side:
Liam with his uncle and his cousin:
Liam with his great-aunt:
Liam with a friend:
Liam with another friend:
Liam with more friends:
And another friend:
And Liam by himself:

Now, there are more pictures and movies. There's a video of a magician and one of a flying girl. There's the beautiful Baha'i Gardens. There's the babies' TV channel, which as far as I'm concerned, is the way Israeli parents occupy their babies while trying to provide them with siblings. There are philosophical musings about Israel. And more pictures of Liam.

Like, for example, many people may ask how come the picture of Liam playing with a naked barbie doll didn't make the cut. And what about his Rasta hat? And any chance of me giving some context to any of these pictures?

But we just got here today, and these things will have to wait. And anyway, I still have a cemetery story to tell. Thanks for sticking around.


SJ said...

I am sure there is a common theme in this set of pictures... just trying to guess what.

Welcome back. Can I say welcome back if I am not actually where you returned to? And if the place you visited is closer than the place you are in now? And...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Did Liam meet anyone while ye were there?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That child is a DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I already said it, but I don't understand how you can take all that cuteness in one little body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very sweet pictures!!!!!!

I'm trying out that post in advance thing - maybe mine will work too! I wanted to just repost yours :-) :-) :-)

Chris in Happy Valley said...

Aren't digital cameras awesome. We were suckers back in the day of 24 exposures per roll. I've got about 247 pictures of Zach feeding kangaroos and it cost me nothings.

Well, outside of the grand for the camera...

Cute kid, though. Nearly as cute as mine.

ajooja said...

Liam is such a cutie. I love that last picture. How awesome?

B said...

That kids has more friends then most adults! Beautiful boy!

People in the Sun said...

SJ, these are very philosophical questions, especially considering the fact that when you come here to visit, my Statcounter tells me you're in New York.

Xbox, he's not ready yet. And the world isn't, either. I had to use a hologram.

Jill, have fun on your vacation. Now, there is a downside to having a cute baby. Mainly it's the look of disbelief I get when people compare us. I mean, he does look like me, only good looking.

Chris, I think one of the best things is that taking a photo isn't a sacred experience anymore. Instead of having people pose with dumb smiles, you can just take as many photos as you want and capture a more honest expression.

Ajooja, I know. Even though it wasn't a "Liam with" picture, I had to put i there. It's like his eyes sparkle.

B, thanks. Three-year-olds apparently love to give babies kisses. The line, "Careful. He's not a toy," had to be repeated a few times.

Aimeepalooza said...

He is such a beautiful, perfect little baby! I love him with the great grandmothers. Beautiful.

Jennifer said...

LOOK at that baby's blue eyes - totally adorable. Great pictures. I love that beach shot, looks like a really fun trip!

People in the Sun said...

Aimee, thank you. I'm really happy they got to see him. He behaved pretty well with them, too. He tried to grab one's glasses and started pooping as soon as the other great-grandmother touched him. But they didn't care. For some reason, when you're a baby, it's cute.

Jennifer, they're blue in the picture, but they get red when he commands us. And it was a lot of fun, even though probably the least stressful part was watching Cloverfield on the plane.

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