04 November 2007

Almost There

People in the Sun: Almost ThereGot a folding bed for Jr.'s room. Wooden floors. Buying a car on Tuesday. If we get a second Prius does it make us assholes? Earlier tonight we worked together on a fun couple activity: putting together the Stroller. A lot of buttons and switches and levers. Very frustrating. For a moment we hated each other but then we found the missing part and now we're good. Earlier in the car Honey talked to a friend and she used the speaker. It sounded funny and it reminded me of the way the Clangers speak, so I started whistling like them. Honey thought I was being really annoying and why do I always have to be annoying in the car? If it's not whistling it's tapping the wheel or the dashboard on purpose to drive her crazy. I have a fever but I'm not allowed to talk about it because "someone" is nine months pregnant.

Almost there.

Don't have a pediatrician yet. Both still working. Car seat still not installed. Took all these classes but still doesn't know how to hold a baby or change a diaper.

Almost there.

You go to the supermarket and you realize there's an entire aisle you've never even looked at. You know the one, between the frozen food and the pet food. A whole new world. Soon.


Dan said...

You hold a baby by the legs. Upside down if possible.

Glad to be of service.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Fatherhood is going to blow your mind.

Mel said...

hahhaha welcome to parenthood!

People in the Sun said...

Dan, thank you for the advice. I'm sure what you actually meant was that you need to hold on to a baby's arm as he hovers above the toilet, and then when he's finished, you sprinkle some water to clean him up. It's the environmentally friendly thing to do.

Enemy, it does seem like a pretty cool thing, I have to say. Our stroller is AWESOME!

Mel, thanks. A week or two. He's coming.

Christine said...

Buying a second Prius does NOT make you assholes.

Insisting that I buy a Prius, for transporting my 4 tall sons and all their athletic equipment, now THAT made someone an asshole, last year. It also made me laugh.

The Clowns said...

Good luck, what memories - up all night waters, breaking on the carpet and a rush to hospital... then there was the time we had a baby

take care, take baby wet ones and store them under the iced water jug for mopping brows, get your wife to cut her nails or you may get lacerated palms..

Jill said...

I was just in a conversation not too long ago on whether or not being able to work on a project together was indicative of the health of a marriage. For what it's worth, I was voting for no, because it seems like very few couples could assemble a stroller together without an argument or three or seven. And that's pregnancy notwithstanding!

ajooja said...

Your "whole new world" is going to be much bigger than that one aisle, but don't be scared.

They can often be miserable bastards, but they're worth it. Everything is worth it.

You'll see.

People in the Sun said...

Christine, honestly, I think even mentioning 2 Priuses in one sentence makes me a bit pretentious... Anyway, it failed the car-seat-plus-one-adult-in-the-back test. We got a Hybrid Camri. Now I really feel like an douche. It's the first time I ever drove a spaceship.

Clowns, oh, I can't wait for her to scratch my palms 'till I bleed--that means she'll actually touch me again!

Jill, I have to say putting up the stroller was frustrating but also kind of magical, you know? We're okay as long as we're not in the same car.

Ajooja, thanks. He's already a miserable bastard because he refuses to put his head in the right place. It was up and now it's on the side under the rib. I already forgave him, but I'm not the one who might need to have staples in his belly. He now has about 9 days to turn around by himself. If only I read The Secret.

Woozie said...

No, a second Prius makes you super-duper assholes. Also, according to South Park, you sniff your farts :)

Ricardo said...

Wow people! Can't believe it's almost that time! Seems like I just read about it a week ago and the kid should be due a long time from now. I'm very excited for you both and wish you the best.

Keep us posted.

People in the Sun said...

Woozie, you're right, of course. So we didn't get a Prius but a gigantic Camry (Hybrid--I smell my farts). Now I feel like I work in a big corporation and I just made a big sale and the boss calls me into his office and he puts his arm around me and says that while he's away on vacation I can use his car.

I just wish my commute was longer.

Ricardo, thanks. It seems like it's been forever. Honey has been ready for the last 8 months. We have the car. We have the car seat. We're ready.

Ms. Q said...

You and Honey will soon be doing the one-arm stroller flip! I don't have children but I've seen parents with a diaper bag slung over one shoulder, toddler firmly gripped in one arm and perhaps supported a bit by a hip if the toddler is heavy and then with the leg that is not supporting the kid, stomp on some sort of release mechanism, then with a flick of the wrist, flip open the stroller. The leg then stomps down again to lock some mechanism, the kid is strapped in, the diaperbag slung over the handles and awwaaaay they go. It's incredible. If the other parent is around, he/she is gathering up other supplies from the car and locking up.

I am in awe.

People in the Sun said...

Ms. Q, I just need to ask for forgiveness in advance if I ever mistakenly fold the stroller while Jr. is still in it. Like Donald Duck stuck in his folding bed.

It is pretty incredible, this whole never-ending process of learning. Maybe the need to learn keeps us young.

Jennifer said...

Wow, I had no idea you were so close to the due date. How exciting. I can't wait to see pictures (if you post some). Also, you'll be fine. My ex partner never held a baby before Cedar was born. He's a lot of things but a bad dad isn't one of them so even newbies can do it. Just remember to cover that private area during diaper changes so you don't get a mouthful of pee. Yup that's my best tip oh, and stay away from Yo Gabba Gabba. Those should get you going.

People in the Sun said...

Jennifer, I'll put a picture as soon as he's out. Due date was pushed a bit further last week but Honey is basically "at term," so in principal it's coming very soon. Of course, if on the next (next) post instead of a baby you see a picture of Dennis Hopper, then you'll know Honey is still pregnant.

And funny about the pee thing. Honey's grandmother just got us a pee-pee teepee.

Jill said...

I wish they had those pee pee teepee things when my son was born. That kid peed EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the farthest he got was the CEILING above his changing table. Then again, I didn't buy half the gadgets they made even then, so I probably wouldn't have thought to buy any until ***after*** the ceiling incident.

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