28 August 2007

Ten Years

Ten Years
Ten years ago today we met. I already wrote about that day here, but ended that post with my date taking a cab back home.

I'll never forget, the next day, seeing Honey sitting outside the tube station waiting for me (even though I was early). We sat outside a bar, across the street from the Dublin Castle and then we went to see Swingers. That's our movie. We continued walking in Camden for a while and I asked her if she wanted to come over and watch TV. I swear that's what I meant, too. I just figured she was fun and it would be fun to watch King of the Hill with her.

We then listened to music and didn't talk much. Then "Broken Heart" started playing and Honey started to cry. And I said, "I'm going to regret this," and I kissed her.

I've tried to analyze this moment for the last ten years, and historians will continue my unfinished work, but I'm still not sure why I said that or what made me kiss her, just like she's not sure why she started to cry.

Did my kiss have anything to do with subconscious male chauvinism? Did I think she wanted me to kiss her because of some kind of male fantasy of a weak female saved by her superhero man? Did her tears make me feel stronger? Was my kiss meant to save my princess? That bastard Jung made me think about that. I read Man and his Symbols and realized maybe I didn't kiss her because I was a sensitive man but because I was an arrogant pig like the rest of them.

But I can leave all of that for the historians. Whether she cried because the idea of going back alone to America was breaking her heart or because on King of the Hill Bobby was forced to smoke an entire carton of cigarettes doesn't matter today. And whether I kissed her because I wanted to save her or because I wanted her to save me is also meaningless, after all. Because now, ten years later, the love of my life is smarter, funnier, and more beautiful than ever, and I've had the best ten years of my life, and our best days together are yet to come.

And she's pregnant, too, which is really cool. And more than likely, I'm the father.


Mr. Fabulous said...

This was a beautiful post. Just beautiful.

Head Gaggler said...

Awww, how sweet. Congrats to you both!

SJ said...

Congrats to you both.

Yes historians researching the life of your honey will be interested in the man she married. Good that you write all this down for them.

durante vita said...

10 years is a long time--the hubby and I have been married for over a year, so of course I think 10 years is an eternity. You'll have to pass down some secrets for staying happy together. It would be cheaper than those self-help books.

Lirun said...

mazal tov

ajooja said...

I love this story. What a nice post.

Our movie is "Fletch." :)

Woozie said...

I'll take chauvinism and Bobby's carton of cigarettes for 500, Alex.

Jennifer said...

Well, are you trying to make the whole world cry. That was so sweet. And I love the picture -- is that really the two of you or randomness? I LOVED the first date story as well; that one was so well written I'd like to steal it but these damn karma and ethic issues stop me. Seriously, why aren't you writing for a living?

Also, after hearing these stories; I'm guessing the kid is yours :) Maybe I'll link this to my Pregnancy blog. It'll make a bunch of preggers feel all warm and cuddly inside.

Cooper said...

Congratulations on the ten years.
That was a lovely post.

Jill said...

You don't come off like a chauvinistic arrogant pig over the internet, but what the heck do I know? *shrug shrug*

:-) :-) :-)

Happy anniversary of sorts!!!!!!!!!!!!

thewishfulwriter said...

CONGRATS on the anniversary. This was a very sweet post.

And you should know....I've already been cleared. I am NOT the father.

I just thought that might make you feel more at ease....

LET'S TALK said...

Congrats on the ten years and the baby!

People in the Sun said...

Fab, Thanks. You know deep inside I love Frank Capra and puppies and butterflies. Don't care for kittens, though.

Gaggler, thanks!

SJ, I know, I know. I married out of my league. Luckily, I'm really good at doing the laundry.

Durante, ten years is not just a long time--it's a goddamn long time, if you don't mind. I'm afraid the only secret I have is my laundry skills. If the washing machine stopped working this morning I'd be out of here by evening. Or sent with a laundry basket on my head to the river.

Lirun, Toda.

Ajooja, "Fletch" is a good one, too. I think a lot of new couples owe their date movie gratitude to Judd Apatow.

Woozie, you sure know how to make a man feel good about himself. The smoking the carton story was pretty sad (yet, uplifting), I have to say.

Jennifer, thank you. Yep, that's us. I think it was taken in Vermont about five years ago. And I'll be honored if there's anything you want to steal. And thanks for putting up the link, too. And I don't know why I don't write for a living... It was never offered, I suppose... Maybe it's because I use And excessively?

Cooper, thanks, and thanks.

Jill, thanks. This blog allows me to disguise myself as a sensitive man, even though, ironically, my other blog is

Wishful, thanks for clearing that one up for me. I'm still waiting for DNA from everyone else, though!

Let's, thanks and thanks. It was a piece of cake, to be honest (both things). Although I'm kind of sick of doing the laundry.

dan leone said... long as she is the mother, you have nothing to worry about.

Congrats, again. Beautiful post!

Jeronimo said...

hey dear pits, wonderful wonderful wonderful post. thanks for the romance. I'll quote it to my beloved as well, since we, as you know, are also celebrating our first decade. what was it in that year (1997) that all the pieces fell down to their right places?

Secret Simon said...

I was *wondering* who wrote
Great blog that.

When I read what you said about regretting the kiss, I wondered if you were referring to crossing that dangerous line between friendship and something else. Dangerous because you stand the chance of not getting the something else and losing the friendship too.

I'm glad that didn't happen. Congratulations on your ten years of Something Else!

spooky said...

I've known my wife for 10 years and now, I too, must post with romantic nostalgia akin to your wonderful post... I think it shall start...*cough cough*.

"eh baby, me and you 10 years, any chance of a bit of a fumble?"

...but seriously - I loved your post.

Tsedek said...

congratulations, PITS ;-)
man....... you're romantic. do make sure you let your wife read your blog!

Monique said...

Congratulations on 10 years! And that is a great episode of King of the Hill, almost as good as the "woo-lou-lou" episode ...

Kirsten said...

aw, that was beautiful! congrats on the 10 years!

People in the Sun said...

Dan, as far as I know it could all be a conspiracy to make me do more house chores. I'll believe it when I see it.

Jeronimo, oh yes. Who was first? Did you know immediately? It took me some time--for a while I was still referring to her as "The American girl I met."

Simon, it wasn't about friendship, because we only met the day before. But she lived in the US and I lived in London, and I felt I was about to get both of us into a tragic situation and that kissing her would make things worse, but I couldn't help myself.

Spooky, good luck on the fumble, which I assume is English slang for flowers and a card. Hey, that's what I got.

Tsedek, she doesn't do the blog. You know, we're so different, me and her... Oh my God, what have I done?!

Monique, oh, I don't think I saw that one... Looking back, I think I probably missed half of the jokes because as far as I was concerned there was only one uniform American accent (I think it's like that in every country, which is why every time an American actor plays an English person he gives him a Hugh Grant accent).

Kirsten, thank you thank you thank you.

Ms. Q said...

Beautifully expressed - I was right there with you: right there, in front of the television when thinking stopped and feeling took over.

Lovely, just lovely.

kali said...

What a wonderful ten years you must have shared so far with your lady. the song posted. PS There's DNA testing for the baby ;)

People in the Sun said...

Ms. Q, thanks. I was never much of a spontaneous person. I'm glad I didn't have a chance to think and analyze the situation while it happened.

Kali, hey--there were ups and downs, but I think she's come around to it now that I've won Husband of the Year for the tenth consecutive year (in a row). Glad about the DNA results, by the way. Better safe than sorry.

Kate said...

ahhhh you are sweet under that pit bull image! *wink

I think you said it because you thought she must be fucked up about some other romance to have cried at that song but even so you wanted her enough to just go in for the kill! lol close??

So I take it you HAVENT had that bambino yet! When is the DDay?

Oh and happy anniversary! I just had my *cough* 19th! OMG

People in the Sun said...

Kate, I find it hard to believe she had a romance before she met me. And the product of that going-for-the-kill is tentatively scheduled for the end of Novermber. Pencil it in.

And happy anniversary to you too. 19 years is a very long time. You should be proud of both of you.

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