19 May 2007

Joe Jackson + William Shatner

I thought I'll post a video of Joe Jackson. After all, has anyone influenced the way I view the world more than Joe Jackson with "Is She Really Going Out with Him"? Has anyone understood my teenage frustration more than Joe Jackson with "Different for Girls"? Has anyone come up with a better album than Look Sharp?

So I did a video search for Joe Jackson and in the end went for this one. It's just so weird. It has the potential to be a disaster but despite William Shatner's maternity dress, his bad dance moves, and his glances to the lyrics sheet this is a lot of fun.

In fact, on third viewing it's actually pretty great.


Mel said...

I agree, and I am a girl! There is nothing to compare with look sharp!

People in the Sun said...

So maybe it's not that different for girls after all!

Ricardo said...
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Ricardo said...

May I suggest an overlooked song by Joe off the Blaze of Glory album called Evil Empire. Very nice observation on how screwed up this country can be sometimes. No video for it but good song. This is scary stuff.

Scot said...

I've heard this several times. I like it. There'a a non-Shatner version too, but I think I like this better.
My favorie Will role has got to be Denny Crane on Boston Leagal. Love the schtick on that show.
There's also a fondness for Joe Jackson since doing a dance piece in college to his rock opera :Heaven and Hell." Two parts of that 30 minute dance suite is was nearly naked.... not so uncommon now, but it was for me then. Anyway, Scot's going tangent again.

Shelli said...

That's so awful and hysterical.

I, myself, want to sleep with royalty.

People in the Sun said...

Damn, on forth viewing it's even better!

Ricardo, I liked the Blaze of Glory album, but like everything he did after Look Sharp, it was very different than a previous or following album. I think maybe he tried to be original in each album but ended up doing things similar to whatever was going on around him (Night and Day is a very Eighties album and Blaze of Glory is very over-produced Nineties). I still like it, though, especially "Nineteen Forever" and "Me and You Against the World," which was in my head the whole time I was thinking if my long-distance relationship with Honey had a chance.

Now, Scot, even a fan like me couldn't continue after Night Music, so I never heard Heaven and Hell. And I never watched Boston Legal... I think it started during my TV-is-the-Devil period. I'm cured now, and even have a DVR.

Shelli, it will grow on you. Listen to it again and again and again for a few days. And nights. After my sixth time I'm already convinced Shatner is Common People.

Ricardo said...

Blaze of Glory is very very produced but there are some gems in it. Love is just a sentimental thing is a nice over produced song.

Sebastien said...

Damn, I love Joe Jackson. And William Shatner, that guy, I dunno, I've never seen Star Trek, but he is great. And his commercials, he is just soooo weird!

Love love love this song!

People in the Sun said...

Ricardo, yep. And "Down to London" was also playing in my head when I decided to move to London. I mean, you can't really not move there when you read,

"So if you ask me where they are
They're hanging tough in a Soho bar
Playing guitars in the Underground
Gone down to London tryin' to chase that sound
Down to London - Down to London
Gone down to London to be the King."

So I went down to London to be the king.

Sebastien, somehow he managed to reinvent himself as a cool guy and not become the shadow of Captain Kirk. And speaking of the voyagers of the Starship Enterprise reinventing themselves, every time I see George Takei on Heroes I get emotional.

Anji said...

I'm really glad I came to visit your site, I'm going through a Joe Jackson revival myself at the moment. william Shatner just grows and grows, doesn't he?

People in the Sun said...

Anji, Joe Jackson is universal. As for Williams Shatner, he looks like the uncle that comes to you at weddings and tells you to seriously consider a career in accounting and then points at a woman's legs and nods and you're embarrased because you know that woman and now you were caught looking at her legs even though it's his fault--yet he remains cool.

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