15 April 2007

Hey, Everyone Else is Doing the Imus Thing

Alec Baldwin wants to know why, even though we're in the middle of a war in Iraq and a struggle against the Bush crooks at home people still obsess about Imus. In his words:

[T]his Imus crap is just another distraction from what really matters. The Attorney General may be a corrupt, lying hitman for the Bush-Cheney junta. The war is a disaster that is being prolonged in order to potentially embarrass Democrats in 2008. Global warming is now recognized as a major and looming emergency by literally everyone on Earth but the White House

Yet African American people continue to talk about "the Imus crap." So, what's going on here? Are they so easily distracted? Don't THEY know there's a war on?

Or maybe they're just so sick of this momentary spotlight on our inherent social problems that they wish maybe this time it will last for more than a week; maybe this time we'll talk about black men's treatment of black women, about elitist media that rather than face its own race problem spends its time--now more than ever--condemning hip hop music, about the problem that will not go away until we deal with it.

But It won't happen. Not yet. Not as long as for every Imus in the Morning we have a hundred Glenn Becks in the evening. And for every racist comment made in public, we have a million racist comments made in private.


durante vita said...

"Distraction" is a popular argument, but hate still exists.

Maybe people still talk about Imus because it has been over 50 years since desegregation and bigots are still among us.

People need to die. Yup, I just wrote that.

Tom Harper said...

I too have been amazed at the ongoing coverage of Imus. I guess he's this week's Michael Richards or Mel Gibson. Britney and Brangelina haven't been in the news lately, and we there has to be something to keep John Q. Public distracted from the real problems.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Good post. I like the conclusion--way too true. Came over from Ricardo's blog.

People in the Sun said...

Durante, people do, all the time. Many more bigots will live and die before bigotry ends.

Tom, what I'm saying is that although Baldwin says he "gets it" but that it's still not a big deal compared to the real issues facing the fallen empire, maybe he actually doesn't get it. Maybe he's in a good place in his life to be able to worry about global warming and political corruption and he simply doesn't understand that not every distraction should be dismissed as such.

Enemy, thanks. Here we are a day later and the quiet news week has abruptly ended. No more Imus, no more covert racism, no more elitist media. Until the next time.

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