10 April 2007

Eric Cantor!!! You Eagle Nose Douchebag!!!

Eric CantorDouche
Following a link from Eschaton, I visited a Think Progress post about Eric Cantor's partisan and ridiculous attack on Nancy Pelosi, where he asks his supporters to call House Democrats and let them know how angry they are about Pelosi.

I couldn't help posting a comment on Cantor's site:

Mr. Cantor, how's the "Stop Pelosi" thing going for you so far?

Don't listen to all these Liberals who are angry at you for not mentioning the Republican traitors. Stick to truthiness.

And one more thing, I tried calling the numbers above to let them know what I think but everyone on the other line speaks Arabic now. NANCY!!! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!

Problem is, comments are moderated on Cantor's site, which means that now the comment above has been changed to this:

Don’t listen to all these Liberals. Stick it to them.

Is that even legal?

Five hours later, the altered comment has now been taken completely off the site. However, Argonaut's altered comment is still there, changed from this:

Dear Eric; I just called my congressmen like you wanted me to. I told him that I completely support everything Ms. Pelosi has done since January 20th. I did not tell him what a wanker you are, so your secret is safe for now.

To this:

I just called my congressman like you wanted me to. I told him that I want ms. pelosi to stop everything she has done since Jan 20th.


rlrr said...

Is that even legal?

It's probably not illegal, but it's still immoral.

Mrs. Beasley said...

Excellent work - they should all be held accountable at every turn, however slight.

shingles said...

Well, according to Cantorian logic, if a Republican does something, the fact that a Republican is doing it makes it legal.

Otherwise, no.

Political Realm said...

He probably just figured that was what you meant to say...

They can probably get away with it because you actually did use all the words they showed, only they cut out a little in between.

durante vita said...

I would say it doesn't matter, but people need to know about politicians who can't handle entertaining more than one viewpoint.

Thanks for sharing.

People in the Sun said...

First of all, just to make it clear to Political Realm, the argument that they lost the sarcasm (which of course they didn't) and innocently edited my comment is still at odds with the change they made to Argonaut's comment (the edited version of which has also now been deleted). I'm not saying you make this argument, just that what they did is pretty straightforward.

So anyway, that was fun and I guess that's the end of it. Can't expect much from these people. I Still don't know whether what they did was illegal or simply unethical. After all, I'm just a man with a couple of dogs and a Print Screen button.

Good luck to Eric Cantor in his quest to purge the US government of traitors, one edited comment at a time.

durante vita said...

I just read that blog entry, and I have to commend Cantor on his consistency in doing what Republicans do best, which is twisting the truth.

They need to stop playing politics with America’s national security.

As if any Republican during these times can make a statement like that--they are obviously oblivious to their own behavior.

He's not cute at all.

Scot said...

"Political argument is pretty straightforward. I'm just a man with a couple of government of traitors."-People in The Sun

I thought you had to at least put in elipses marks when editing a comment, like they do in movie reviews.

Shouldn't it read,"Political.. pretty straightforward. ...I'm just a man with a couple of... government of traitors."-People in The Sun

Political Realm said...

I was just being sarcastic. Its clear what they intended to do with your post.

People in the Sun said...

Political-- Oh, I didn't think you made this argument, just that even if they cared enough to defend themselves, considering the changes they made to other comments, they can't really have any excuse for what they've done to my comment.

Scot, that's the thing. They probably got so frustrated from getting all the hits from Think Progress that they decided simply moderating comments was not enough. They had to scare people away from even attempting to comment against Cantor's crusade.

Durante, unless you're into eagles.

Tom Harper said...

I know of several bloggers who do that, changing the wording of a commenter to make it sound totally absurd or even self-slandering.

I don't want to say that only rightwing bloggers/pundits do this, but the only times I've seen it are on rightwing sites.

The only consolation is to realize that anyone this slippery and underhanded has nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, to redeem him/herself; they're a waste of oxygen and they know it.

Happily Anonymous said...

I detest that crap. And it always seems it's the people who blog about controversial topics and can't accept a different opinion who do it.

It just shows they know their posts are inane as well.

People in the Sun said...

Isn't it a great world when you post something controversial and everyone agrees with you? Eagle-Nose must have really tapped into the American psyche. He probably thought some people would object to his attack, but surprisingly everyone agreed with him.

It's the same kind of thinking that makes Bush appear only in front of war veterans. I heard someone once said the Queen of England thinks the whole country is filled with roses and red carpets because that's all she sees when she leaves the palace.

durante vita said...

The only problem with this observation is that it doesn't explain what happens when Bush sees opinion polls that are pretty much anti-war. At some point, these things need to be reconciled. But that would be asking too much of Bush.

I hope the Queen isn't that disconnected, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Woozie said...

Doesn't the Republican party have enough problems without comment nazis manipulating what people say in order to fit their own agenda?

People in the Sun said...

First, they try to manipulate public opinion through fear. Then, when that's not enough, they pretend the public supports them anyway. If they can't do that what are they expected to do? Give in to public opinion? Pretend they live in a Democracy? Naaa, that would be too much. Now, more than ever, Bush should only listen to the voices in his head he calls God. Luxemburg, bring it on. And Vatican City is next.

paper warrior said...

I've never seen a politician who's website doesn't censor comments and twist truth, and I mean ALL politicians. The point of their websites is essentially propaganda, after all. =P

People in the Sun said...

Warrior, see, I don't have a problem with politicians playing the game. It's just that this guy changed my own comment to make me appear to say the opposite of what I actually said. If he didn't like my comment, he could have just deleted it, but instead, they turned my words upside down. I do believe it falls outside the politics-as-usual. And like I said earlier, I don't know if it was legal, but it sure wasn't ethical.

Still, you're right about all politicians twisting the truth to some extent. And it shows some apathy when I stop caring about relative truths and wake up only when a politician puts words in my mouth.

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