12 January 2007

Which Religion is the Right One for Me? Which One Comes a Close Second?

So I visited Bun-Girl and found this religion quiz. A guy from work also did that so I said what the hell. I got my answer:


huaenhaoyang said...

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People in the Sun said...

Hmmm... Thanks. But you wrote the exact same comment here.

You also have good image (and some good art).

Secret Simon said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I did it and got paganism first (satanism second same as you!). Though I actually think I'm closer to hinduism or buddhism. This probably just suggests that I don't have a full understanding of either, which is perfectly true. I think paganism came up because I said that I felt closest to God when I was close to nature, though I've never thought of gardening as a *pagan* hobby exactly...

People in the Sun said...

Maybe gardening is a Satanist hobby?

I mean, I don't remember any question about sacrificing babies and nothing about drinking the blood of virgins, so what made us Satanists?

durante vita said...

I wish religion could be narrowed down with a quiz. That would make it a lot easier for me.

Maybe Satanists are more common than I thought, and if you are one, then maybe they aren't as scary as I thought either.

People in the Sun said...

From what I've seen, people that already subscribe to a religion and get their preferred religion in that quiz see that as a proof that they're doing the right thing.

On the other hand, people who see various religions as philosophies we could all use as guides to reach a common goal end up as Satanists.

I also tend to think of myself as someone who doesn't limit himself to a single philosophy or religion, and this knowledge will hopefully keep me happy as I burn in the lake of fire for the pleasure of my Master.

brettbum said...

I wonder if the lake of fire will allow us to take those handy remote control floating devices that have a cooler inside for keeping bottles of beer cold . . ..


Hope so, and will see you there, and it won't bother me if your aunt's skinny white butt shows up either lol - great articles btw
There's Something About Harry

People in the Sun said...

Why thank you, Mr. Bum.

Beer must be free in Hell (or at least subsidized).

As for my aunt's skinny white butt, that's probably going to be there too, just floating around to piss me off. A man can't even burn in peace nowadays.

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