27 January 2007

Should prostitution be legal anywhere?

Gave my two cents again:

Who are we kidding? In our hypocritical war for the preservation of perceived values we don't dare legalize prostitution (or drugs, for that matter). After all, why risk the wrath of the blind conservatives who are unable to see themselves as "the other" when we can let people do what they want while keeping the right to take them into custody whenever we choose and hide them in our leper-colony-like prisons.

How does a prostitute view the system? How does she view us who go online to debate the legality of her life like the Gods in Acropolis, high and mighty with our borrowed opinions based on borrowed world-views? Where were we when her father abused her? Where were we when she failed her exams? Where were we when advertisements promised her a life she would never have? Where were we when she lost her life opportunities? Where were we when she made a beautiful drawing above a beautifully written journal entry? Where were we when she wanted to learn to play an instrument? Where were we when she had a chance to be somebody? Where were we when she grew up to face a choice between making an easy five hundred a day or making $6.50 an hour in McDonald's?

Should prostitution be legal? I have a better question: How come prostitution is illegal while giving people $6.50 an hour is legal? And how long can we keep pretending we all have choices in this world?




People in the Sun said...

Thank you. I tried to go to your site and respond to your post about crack addicts but I need an AOL account so I'll just quickly respond here. I agree with most of what you write and I admire the fact that you actually work to make people's lives better. At the same time, I have to say I don't think the problem could be solved by hiding people; even if most crack addicts fail rehab there is still something very wrong in putting them in jail for possession.

I understand your frustration but people do drugs because it makes them feel better. When we live in a society where everyone has a fair chance of happiness we might see drug use disappear. As long as people's only chance of happiness comes from a seven-minute high crack will stay with us. And as long as drugs are illegal addicts will do whatever they can for their happiness, including selling crack. Then come the turf wars and the guns. But we can't ignore the fact that for many people crack has become the only tool in the pursuit of happiness in this country.

Tom Harper said...

I think prostitution should be legal. It's a victimless crime, and I don't think any crime has been committed if there isn't a victim.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Ah prostitution.

Back home we call it Sunday Lunch

Sebastien said...

Yeah, it's sad. Opportunities are not granted equally.

But there'll always be demand, so, well, I guess prostitution will probably be around forever! Sad that they get hauled off to jail, they'd be a lot safer if their jobs were legalized, I think it's like that in the Netherlands.

People in the Sun said...

Tom, I simply don't understand how when the issue of legalizing marijuana comes up in elections people vote against it. I just don't get it. It's not even about condoning the use of marijuana, but about admitting that if most Americans have done it maybe we shouldn't make otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals. It's beyond me.

Mr. Cynic, ?

Sebastien, in the Netherlands legalization has had many positive effects. Even if the counter-argument is that prostitution objectifies women the fact is that legalization has made it easier for women to protect themselves from STD and from violence.

Conservatives fight sex-ed because they want to ignore the fact that teenagers have sex, but by that they create more teenage pregnancy and the spreading of STD. They fight drug legalization, creating more black-market violence. And they fight legalizing prostitution, making sure prostitutes have no way to legally protect themselves.

Chris said...

Not only did you nail some important points, I liked the empathy you have for someone usually overlooked or looked down upon by society.

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People in the Sun said...

Thanks Chris. I don't think we should pity people because that comes from a feeling of superiority. And I don't think we should judge people because that comes from the same place. For me, the recognition that we're all in the same boat is the only one we should have. A lot of problems would have been solved if people stopped being afraid to see others as fellow human beings.

Omni said...

Legalize it, regulate it, tax it... and then move on to fighting actual crimes.

People in the Sun said...

Thanks Omni. We're spending so much money on catching and jailing drug addicts and prostitutes while the people who get rich out of them (and bring about the associated violence) are seldom caught. It's embarrassing.

Mike McGann said...

Exactly right take. If you asked a majority of U.S. pols and made them tell the truth, they'd probably agree with you.

But we continue to trump reality — whether it be prostitution or abstinence (rather hilarious, as the "virgin" Mary got knocked up as a teen by a Roman soldier, proving that expecting teens not to have sex has been unrealistic for at least 2,000 years) — we ignore the reality and try to impose some bizarre ethical standard.

Maybe we all just need to grow up.

People in the Sun said...

Hey, don't know about that Mary thing (I wasn't there. It wasn't me). But it does often seem like our moral laws are pretty random.

Ak-Man said...

From a moral stand point, prostitution is clearly wrong.

If i had a daughter i would prefer her to earn $6.50 an hour at McD's than for her to earn $500 a night as a prossy.

But then again, i also would abuse her, shoot down her dreams or purposefully restrict her lifes options.

People in the Sun said...

It's just too easy to call it morally wrong and arrest prostitutes on that basis.

We see a CEO making in a day what a McD' employee makes in a lifetime and we can see as clearly this is morally wrong.

We arrest prostitutes, but we also know it's morally wrong to force millions into a second job, causing the destruction of families (and probably creating the next generation of people who forever will see themselves as society's outcasts, which in turn will push them into drugs and prostitution), yet we shrug and say this is the way of the world.

Ak-Man said...

Hate to say it, but it kinda just is the way of the world.

Has it ever been a fair world? I use to work in McD's and the TOP bosses use to do visits for the day and just bug all the staff about stuff we couldnt care about. This used to piss me off BIG time . . . as if i didnt have enough to worry about!

They threatened to send me home if i didnt smile more . . . what was there to smile about? I sold burgers!! I was only like 17 at the time but I preferred that to stealing, selling drugs or prostitution.

Ok, fair enough, not everyone lived at home with their family like i did. And i can also understand when people say they had "no other choice". The system aint desinged to make people rich, its designed to keep people in the system! And even worse, some people (eg prostitutes) aint even lucky enough to be in the system!

I'll stop before i talk myself into circles.

People in the Sun said...

Talking yourself into circles is one way of saying you agree with me. But seriously we don't really have opposing points of view. I say prostitution should be legalized while you say it's immoral and depressing and shouldn't happen. Thing is, it does happen, so we need to ask ourselves what we do about it as a society.

Now the only remaining question is whether by legalizing prostitution does society encourage this activity or simply acknowledge its existence.

siva said...

I would not say Prostitution is legal.But they are doing this to live.Thanks.

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