11 January 2007

On Faith: Is the Iraq war "just"?

President Bush is preparing this week to send more troops to Baghdad. Do you believe there is such a thing as a "just war"? Is the Iraq war "just"?

Interesting that you pose a question about Bush's plans in a column about faith, because only those who think of Bush as a god believe this plan will work. Those who have faith in peace, those who have faith in justice, and those who have faith in truth never wanted this war.

As to the issue of a just war, we should only base our judgments on specific acts, not on vague words. The war on drugs turns otherwise law-abiding people into criminals and creates a lucrative but deadly underground business, but the war on poverty wishes to elevate people in accordance with humane standards.

The problem, of course, appears when we discuss WWII. But again, we must review what WWII was that the Iraq war isn't. If WWII was about saving a nation, three continents, and the conscience of the US, the war in Iraq is the exact opposite: The nation we were supposed to help is now suffering even more, the continent we were supposed to stabilize is in total chaos, and the American people who see the way events unfold in their name and with their money find it hard to stare at their collective reflection.


Sally said...

I thought about this for awhile...which is I think the point of your post. Just war is I think a subjective term. Depending on your perspective the Iraq war can be just or not just. If you're Iraqi and a Sunni I doubt they think it is just. But, if you're Shi'ite, I think you do.

People in the Sun said...

I still think we need to take other things into account. If you're Shi'ite leader you might gain from the war but I'm not sure you'd still consider it a just war.

In WWII a lot of people died for nothing, but at least objectives were clear, goals were achieved, and the world was better by the end of the war. In Iraq there were no clear objectives, nothing has been achieved, and there seems to be no end.

Anyway, these are just words we use to ease our conscience, whether we agree with the war or not. By saying I think the Iraq war is unjust I merely make myself feel morally superior while still doing nothing to stop this madness.

MoonDanzer said...

In my opinion there is absolutely no way to justify the war raged in Iraq. I believe in my heart that from the start it has and is about only 1 thing...and, that is greed! Is there such a thing as a just war? Yes....when Hitler was raging against all Jewish people and commiting almost unimaginable atrrocities to hundreds of thousands of people;Then most definitly it was a just cause to step up and stop the mad man.

People in the Sun said...

Moondanzer, I think that even if the reasons for the US getting into WWII were far from idealistic (many historians say the outcome of the war was already determined by the time the US got involved and that it was more about the spoils of war than anything else), it became later--if only because of images of American soldiers being greeted by Holocaust survivors--an example of a just war. But that war was everything the Iraq war isn't.

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