25 September 2006

Some facts

Knowing there’s no escape from the human condition and the inherent need for relevance, I might as well embrace it. I might as well offer some truisms (and none of that “in my opinion” business; these are irrefutable facts):

The best opening song in an album is “What’s Going On.”
The best movie is Groundhog Day. If you disagree write your own blog.
The most beautiful thing in the world is an honest smile.
The Soft Bulletin is the best album.
I saw the Stone Roses in Wembly Arena, in what was their finest hour.
Tucking a shirt in is essential.
Bill Hicks was funny. Shame he's dead.

I imagine myself with Junior on my knee. I pat his hair and smile. “No,” I will say. “Olive oil may be better for your health, but when it comes to taste, an omelet is much better with vegetable oil. It’s cheaper, too.”


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